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Mind Training is the Antidote

It will take the courage of awareness. It is not difficult. It is not impossible.

It is staying focused and refusing to go into trance.
It is remembering your strengths and your passions.
It is giving yourself the strength to say No.
So you can say YES! to what is truly important.

Remember: No guts, no glory!

As the Zen Koan Says…

Be awake! Be alert! Do not be fooled by anyone! This includes the monologues from IC, MM and G*!

They are said in many ways: slowly, quietly, loudly, persuasively, somatically, clipped, authoritatively, wisely…even happily!

Yet no matter how they are said…
Remember to Be awake! Be alert! Do not be fooled by anyone!

Here are a few to be aware of…

You just aren’t good enough yet.
This is another one of your follies.
You are out of your league.
Who do you think you are, anyway?
There is no way you can succeed.
You are too old. You are too young. You are just too much!
You don’t know how to do this.
What if _________ happens?
You need to wait until __________.
You tried before and it didn’t work.
You’ve abstained from _______, now you deserve to have just a little. One (drink, toke, dose, bite) won’t hurt. Go for it!
Being awake and alert are the first steps…more to follow on Friday!

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey Mind
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!

No Guts! No Glory!

No Guts! No Glory!

Remember when you were younger?  Jumping over
rocks, ditches, puddles and streams?  Jumping off
the swing?  Jumping into adventures?

Today let’s jump over obstacles, over thoughts that
no longer serve, over negative belief patterns. 

Yes, let’s jump together while shouting, “No guts, no
glory!” with a carefree grin!

Eee-la-la! Feels great!

It’s 1:43 am

Silence awakens the Sleeper.
Falling snow beckons.

Outside under Full Moon
Doing Kinhin
Coyotes sing the Iridescent Darkness.

There is nothing else. Just This.

Silence Awakening…

Just This

You made it.
You are here.

Breathe it in…this newness.
Pretty wonderful, huh?
That’s it. That’s all there is.

Just This.

It’s the meaning you create…

It’s not the sun – it’s how you cooperate with the sun.
It’s not the wind – it’s how you dance in the wind.
It’s not the hoola hoop – it’s how you move inside the hoola hoop.
It’s not the wave – it’s how you swim in the wave.
It’s not the food – it’s how you digest the food.
It’s not the information – it’s the meaning you create.

There is no world beyond this perception of the world. – Mac Dryden

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