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Regarding that Free-Floating Anxiety…

Challenge it.
Then put your attention elsewhere.

Focus on cultivating
Loving yourself unconditionally.

Focus on cultivating
Loving others unconditionally.

Focus on cultivating
Strong medicine
Through your actions.

This is not a time of weariness.
Find your footing and act.

Thank you for your practice.

First off…

This is a new moment.
All that has gone
All that is approaching
Is not now.

Knowing this…
Move into Infinite MIndset
And cultivate!

I am rooted in this moment…

I am rooted in this moment.
I am rooted in this moment.
I am rooted in this moment.

What happens when you chant this to yourself?
What are you telling yourself?
What does your body notice?
What feelings arise?

Being rooted in this moment
How do you want to proceed?


Depending on the lens
One becomes the other.

All is well and getting better!

At Dawn

The steady and complex prayers
Of Cricket, Mockingbird, Bluebird
Sparrow, Grosbeak and Cicada
Evaporate what yesterday was
Monumental, prickly and loathsome.

Now this moment is magically manageable
And sacred.

All is right-sized.

Embrace it all…

…without expecting applause.

Live your day today
…without expecting applause.

Embrace it all
…without expecting applause.

Let this sink in and permeate you…
Without applause
What arises?

Awakening is…

Living into
Beginners Mind with 
And fierce respect.

It’s knowing 
Our words and actions
Awaken us
Into Love
For all sentient beings
Including ourselves.

Seeing Clearly

A Reminder:

Don’t give up
Until your Fresh Eyes
Can see clearly.
It is then the miracles and blessings
Can be witnessed, manifested and enjoyed.

In other words
Don’t stop until the miracle happens

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