Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC

  • HeadLearner
  • Founder of the Mindfulness Coaching School
  • ICF Master Certified Coach
  • ICF Registered Mentor Coach
  • Buddhist Chaplain
  • Psychotherapist
  • EMDR Consultant
  • Mindfulness, Somatic and Wellness Coach
  • Artist

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“It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”

Ann-Marie lives and breathes her quote. As a result, she leads a rich and colorful life pursuing her interests and passions in her coaching practice and as Founder of the Mindfulness Coaching School in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Dinner with Buddhist Teachers – Sharon Salzberg, Sabina Schultze, Ann-Marie, and Ralph Steele

In the mid-seventies Ann-Marie traveled nationally with Ken Keyes facilitating consciousness growth workshops called “The Science of Happiness” based on his book Handbook to Higher Consciousness. When not traveling, she lived as a resident trainer in Ken’s educational communities of Berkeley, California and St. Mary, Kentucky. It was at this time that Ann-Marie mindfully began her journey of contributing to the lives of others and to the planet.

Taking a sabbatical from “the real world” in the early 1980’s, Ann-Marie retreated alone to India. There she lived and studied various philosophies and religions – particularly Buddhism, a tradition she has been intimately involved with ever since.

As an international coach and teacher, psychotherapist and Buddhist Chaplain, she is known for her 12-Step Wisdom, Jungian flavor, and Buddhist perspectives. While coaching, Ann-Marie utilizes Positive Psychology and Contemplative NeuroScience applications, cognitive modalities such as EMDR (for peak performance), Nonviolent Communication (for needs assessment and communication), as well as art, humor, nature, and her client’s creative transformative juices.

Ann-Marie and Brother David Steindl-Rast at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM.

Ann-Marie is the Founder of Mindfulness Coaching School. She coaches, students, and clinicians worldwide through webinars and individual sessions.

Ann-Marie has worn many hats in her life. Most recently, in her roles as an EMDR Consultant and Buddhist Chaplain, she created, designed, and facilitated The Three Treasures Practice and Research Study. The study is based on grief and loss; utilizing EMDR, Positive Psychology, and Loving Kindness Meditation. In June, 2014 she was asked to share her findings at the EMDR European Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ann-Marie moved permanently to Santa Fe in 1979. Living in the Land of Enchantment, she evolved from a fiber artist into a business woman as the founder and director of CMD, Inc. an international texture and textile business with distribution to over 600 retail outlets including Lord & Taylor as well as the Broadway production of Cats. In addition, her fiber creations grace the homes of many collectors from coast to coast.

Later, as marketing director for New Mexico Magazine, an affiliate of the New Mexico Department of Tourism, her honed entrepreneurial skills were utilized within state government.

Her artistic focus has now shifted to expressive, multi-media canvases and she is currently completing the Collages-on-Canvas series “Influenced by A Dream”. View Ann-Marie’s Gallery of Original Art. Or find the Art Prints.

In a prior life Ann-Marie was producer, director and hostess of the radio show, Ann McKelvey: With Women. She is currently producing a series of Mindfulness Audio Blogs, which will be available to the public later this year.

A published writer, Ann-Marie is also in the throes of reformatting and editing her first e-book.

Ann-Marie also contributed two chapters to EMDR Solutions II: Pathways to Healing edited by Robin Shapiro and published by W.W. Norton. If you are interested in studying more about EMDR and Positive Psychology or EMDR and Coaching you’ll find a variety of processes to utilize in these chapters.


Ann-Marie McKelvey holds a Master Certified Coach credential through the International Coach Federation. For nine years she was a senior trainer with an internationally recognized coaching training organization and is proud to have trained well over 1,000 students.

In 2015 she created Mindfulness Coaching School, which offers ICF Accredited Coaching Training Program for clinicians, EMDR practitioners, coaches, student coaches and other professionals interested in coach training and credentialing.

MCS is one of the first coaching schools to focus on mindfulness and somatic coaching along with Contemplative NeuroScience, Positive Psychology, EMDR, and Buddhist psychology and philosophies.

Ann-Marie educates, trains, and coaches psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, and counselors to become incredible coaches. Her classes are thorough, informative, dynamic, humorous, and fun!

By focusing on individual and group coaching skills along with business development, Ann-Marie guides her students and clients to build a thriving, successful coaching business.

  • Founder of Mindfulness Coaching School — an ICF Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP)
  • Buddhist Chaplain
  • International Coach Federation Master Certified Coach specializing in mindfulness, somatic and wellness coaching
  • Licensed Clinical Psychotherapist – Nonviolent Communication Facilitator
  • EMDR Consultant
  • 2003 Graduate of Marty Seligman’s vanguard Authentic Happiness Program based on Positive Psychology
  • Advanced Studies in Positive Psychology with Marty Seligman, PhD, Chris Peterson, PhD Sonja Lyubomirsky, PhD., Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, PhD, Barbara Fredrickson, PhD
  • Advanced Studies in Contemplative NeuroSciences with Richie Davidson, PhD, Matthieu Ricard, PhD, B. Allan Wallace, PhD, John Dunne, PhD, Susan Bauer-Wu, PhD, Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD, Roshi Joan Halifax, PhD, Reggie Ray, PhD, Stephen Batchelor, Dan Seigel, M.D.
  • EcoPsychology and Deep Ecology with Joanna Macy, PhD

Ann-Marie Credentials Collage

Ann-Marie’s life as a Buddhist Chaplain, psychotherapist and coach informs her artwork on many levels. As a result she enjoys working with a multitude of creative materials.

Moving to Santa Fe in 1979 she began working as a solo fiber artist spinning, dying, weaving and knitting original works of art. Her work was discovered by Lord & Taylor in 1982. Within a year her small adobe studio off Canyon Road grew in reputation and became an international textile and texture business with over 600 retail outlets. During that time her studio supplied hand-dyed specialty yarns for the Broadway production of Cats.

Currently Ann-Marie’s artistic focus radiates from the lens of a deep relationship with the dharma while being supported by a community of loving friends. Many collectors find that the artwork appears to change from day to day, giving a variety of different symbols to work with throughout their lifetime.

Currently her focus is working on all levels with the formlessness and form of Ensos.

Ann-Marie lives and breathes “It’s never too late to be who you might have been.”


Explore Ann-Marie’s art at her website,

Explore Ann-Marie’s art at her website,