You owe it to yourself and you clients to take this class (Becoming A Mindfulness & Wellness Coach: You at Your Best). It will inform and inspire you to understand well-being at a much deeper level. Ann-Marie “walks the walk” and with her wellness classes under your belt, you will too.
– Amy Tardio of Huffington Post and Self
Greenwich, CT • www.amytardio.com

Ann-Marie taught me step-by-step how to create, implement and reevaluate my own personal wellness program. The key? Using “my own human laboratory” – my own body to understand wellness coaching. Using my own life and my own body as a tool for learning, has gifted me the compassion and understanding of future wellness clients. Thank you Ann-Marie!
– Julie Cunningham
York, PA • Cunningham Coaching Co., LLC

The class gave me time to explore from multiple perspectives and appreciate how our bodies and minds are connected. I still keep a list of tools for our “toolbox” taped to my mirror: “Connect with self, nature, exercise, humor, optimism… ” Thanks, Ann-Marie!
– Julie O’Keefe
Milwaukee, WI  •  www.nextstepgoals.com

It started when Ann-Marie asked me to repeat my response during a coaching class.
‘Again’ she said.  I complied. ‘Again’, she said.  I repeated my response.
That day I experienced the meek, uncertainty my voice betrayed and knew I had to make the commitment to unlock my strengths. Ann-Marie’s gift for presence and connection clearly sparked the first of many defining moments. Working with Ann-Marie accelerated my growth from therapist to coach by helping me to take delight in owning the confidence within that my voice now upholds. Truly, Ann-Marie is a therapist’s coach.
– Mary Franz

Ann-Marie, I just wanted to send you a short note of gratitude to say thanks for preparing us in class for coaching skills with the utmost precision. Thank you!”
– Mike Hickey
New York City

WOW! What a ride! Ann-Marie is awesome! She is not only an excellent teacher but also very respectful of her students, their needs, their thoughts, their ideas, and their creativity. She positions herself as a “co-learner” with her students and honors everyone’s ideas. Anne-Marie brings a gentle touch and a deep compassion to her work.  She walks her talk.
– John H. Millerman, Ph.D.
Millerman, TX

I always looked forward to hearing Ann Marie’s positive, soothing voice. She has a magical way of bringing one out of chaos and back to an inner peace that allows for learning, understanding, and moving forward. She is a multi-talented, diversely-certified, and dedicated person who cares deeply about the learning and even more deeply about the person.
– Martha Hennessey
Hanover, NH


Mentor Coach Group & Individual Sessions

I knew immediately that Ann-Marie was the right Mentor Coach for me – it was an immediate “click.” Her coaching style is warm, intuitive, fun, inviting, validating and challenging – the mix of everything I need. Having the opportunity to coach her through roleplaying and practicing coaching skills has stretched me and helped me grow into the coach I want to be. She has always provided direct and invaluable feedback, including when I’ve brought coaching supervision questions to our sessions. Working with Ann-Marie has been an essential element of achieving my coaching certification and building my coaching practice. Our coaching together has given me the confidence and assurance I’ve needed while building a coaching practice that serves my clients well – and is in alignment with the life I’m creating for myself, too.

Career Transition & Life Coaching

Working with Ann Marie was like having a partner always standing with me right up on the edge of doubts, fears, and opportunities. She encouraged me to explore options and choices, and most important, helped me realize that my growth depended on stepping over those edges and actively finding out what I could make of the opportunities before me. Ann Marie tested, challenged, and nudged me sometimes uncomfortably but always with belief and support in my progress and potential.
– Liv Syptak

My coaching niche is empowering, creating and developing positive, healthy, and transformational leaders in the academic and corporate worlds. To find the nexus between the harshness of corporate and academic structures as well embodying a balanced self is to coach where individual potential is boundless. I wanted an experienced Mentor Coach who was also grounded in wellness, Buddhist philosophy, understood corporate needs and embodied commitment to self and others. In Ann-Marie I found these essential elements. Each session (individual and group) with Ann-Marie utilized role playing and coaching skills development. Our Mentor Coach group deepened commitment and awareness for each other.
Dr. Ruth Crawford-Fisher, ACC
Doctorate Professor for Saint Joseph’s University for Leadership
President, Crawford Coaching and Consulting LLC

Working with Ann Marie McKelvey is a transforming experience! She has coached me through different aspects of Life, from launching a successful coaching career to building my own wellness internally. Ann Marie has gifts that she shares with those around her to help them be their best possible selves and reach their goals. She does this through listening deeply, asking the right questions and role modeling at the same time! I feel so blessed to have her as my Coach!
– Merry Woodruff, ACC, Mindfulness & Wellness Coach

Ann-Marie and I began our amazing coaching journey together during a pivotal moment in my life, and I’m full of awe and gratitude for her superb coaching skill and her remarkable intuitive power.  Most importantly, I value her deep compassion, empathy, and commitment through both dark shadows and radiant light. Over the years, I’ve witnessed numerous celebrated, world class coaches in action in diverse settings.  Ann-Marie is an exemplary world class coach herself, the real deal, and I am one of the happy beneficiaries of her vast coaching presence.
– Joan Carroll-Cronin LICSW, RLP

Ann-Marie McKelvey is the consummate coach. I have been working with her for 4 ½ years during which time she has steered me safely through some very choppy life waters. Ann-Marie is a rare combination of smart/practical, creative/adventurous, and passionate/spiritual– all topped with a generous sprinkling of humor. She is a change agent who works with a gentle strength that rises from her deeply grounded intuitive sense. When one is coached by Ann-Marie it feels as if you are her “only” client. There is a profound sense of being held and supported as you move forward towards your goal. She has helped me to begin to write the new and possibly most exciting chapter of my life. I am deeply grateful.
– Margy Seides, M.S., M.A., DTR
New York City • Take Heart Wellness Coaching

Ann-Marie brings to the table a unique combination of wisdom, kindness, and practical knowledge…all woven together with a sense of curiosity, humor, and joy. 

She offers a broad-base of practical information and creative guidance, and she helps me stay on track with kind-hearted but firm (and often funny) checks if I stray off course. 

Her intuitive gifts have taken my breath away more than once, and have made me cry with relief that another human sees and honors my soul.  Maybe most importantly, Ann-Marie reminds me who I am, what I am worth, and what I am capable of accomplishing in those moments when I forget.

Anyone fortunate enough to work with her will be changed, from the inside out, forever.
– Simmone “Sam” Ballinger, Ph.D., Certified Life & Wellness Coach

Ann-Marie combines business savvy with well-honed coaching skills. She knows just how to motivate growth while being empathetic, warm and generous. She has been an invaluable ally and an inspiration in helping me create a solid spiritual base and develop my coaching practice while maintaining my long time IT consulting business. I recommend Ann-Marie to anyone making a transition to the next level.
– Denise Hassman, ACC



ICF Chapter Presentations

YOU WERE WONDERFUL! Awesome! I will be checking out your website and certainly signing up for your classes!
– Rebecca Kraus
ICF Michigan President

I’m on a new path and want to thank you! I accepted your challenge of saying the loving kindness meditation 3 times per day on the ‘live on the air’ coaching January 21, 2016. It has helped reframe my perspective and pull up more of my hope and optimism.  
– Lee Craver
ICF Okanagan, British Columbia Chapter

I’m still thinking about your Keynote, Ann-Marie.  You offered some indelible pearls of wisdom and food for thought that are still ringing pleasantly in my consciousness. You “got it” when it came to delivering the Keynote that spoke to the heart and soul of the conference and the needs of the attendees. You blessed us. Thank you so much!!!
– Mary Stinson, LPCC, Counseling Association Conference Director