Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. – Dr. Suess

Jun 29, 2023

By Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC

In Dr. Suess’ book, The Lorax, the Once-ler is the industrialist (inside all of us) whose greed of the planet’s resources prohibits him from thinking long-term. He cuts down one Truffula Tree after another until none are left. His mantra is Biggering, biggering, biggering. This environmental destruction destroys habitats needed to sustain life for all species.

The Once-ler’s quote above was made in remorse after he had demolished all the trees that plants and animals had relied on for their lives including his own.

The Lorax is that part of us living in connection with Mother Earth where diversity amongst all plants and animals are applauded and protected. My mantra for this is Simplifying, simplifying, simplifying. This is metta or loving kindness.

It was Dr. Suess’ quote that nudged me into dreaming of a new certification program for MCS and into grad school to study the most current environmental emergencies and actions.

One of my learnings: It’s not a climate change. It’s a climate emergency. And just like in any emergency we need to practice engaged mindfulness by being proactive.

As a result instead of going back to school this fall I am collaborating with my university professors in creating and teaching a certification program, Sustainability, Active Hope and Coaching

It’s not just environmental activists who have a high level of burn-out and overwhelm…it’s all of us right now – internally and externally. Coaching + mindfulness + active hope are imperative.

To teach our students how to coach in this depth is my mission for the upcoming years. Please join me for the first certification class, the updated version of Mindful Eating, Mindful Life.  Know that love, gratitude and active hope will be present in all classes!



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All of the courses at the Mindfulness Coaching School take a student deeper into meaningful skills and personal growth. I am not the same person I was when I began this program. As a coach, the school has given me ways to own the skill set needed. As a person, classes like The Art of Engaged Mindfulness deepen my commitment to a lifestyle of awareness and centered gratitude. I am grateful.
Amy RitchieD. Min.Richmond, IN
I thoroughly enjoyed The Art of Engaged Mindfulness… The format of the course enabled me to learn about the impact of meditation and therefore choose to fit more meditation into my lifestyle. Through the class, I expanded my knowledge of meditation and mindfulness, strengthened my practice, and met some great people. Special thanks to Ann-Marie, who shared her enormously rich insights, experience, and tools to help us become more effective in minding our mind.
Ayse CetinelACC, Executive Coach & Mentor
Business Alchemy helped me grow into and clarify my purpose in coaching. I was able to create the story of me that brought me to where I am and my passion to inspire others on their journey. Ann-Marie’s guidance through understanding service marketing was heartening, powerful and inspiring. Sarah’s encouragement and gentle way of pulling the essence of us to the surface was spectacular! Thank you both, as well as my fellow students, for an incredible experience! And I’m getting clients!
Brenda FaganStudent CoachNew Orleans, LA
Ann-Marie is a master of opening people’s minds to seeing the benefits of the use of positive language to better deal with real life situations at work and at home.
Viola Naust
[Right Speech] was incredibly valuable for my coaching skills, and for my life. There was so much applicable information presented in an embodied and pragmatic way. [Meg Hess, PCC, D. Min.] has an ability to evoke wisdom from everyone.
Jasmin BristowStudent CoachHawthorne, CA
Ann-Marie is the most insightful and gifted teacher and coach. She is the epitome of a Compassionate Warrior… She will guide you with a gentle touch and she will hold you in the highest version of yourself so she is brave when “going in” to guide you. I highly recommend any course she teaches.
Ann-Marie ArcherFounder of Archer & Associates
This school has changed my life in a incredibly positive way. MCS speaks to my soul, and I am more present with my clients, my partner, my children and in my life because of what I’ve learned at MCS. I get so excited when the academic calendar is released, I feel so grateful for this school and I am so thankful that I have found this school.
Kate ToyeStudent CoachPrince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada
More than just a class to help us eat more mindfully, Mindful Eating, Mindful Life is a great class for anyone interested in the topic, anyone with a desire to practice mindfulness in a new way and for anyone wanting to dust off or deepen their meditation practice. The course and materials may seem small, but they are so expansive. Thanks to Brittany for bringing this topic alive and for the school for providing such an amazing course in mindfulness.
Gretchen LarsenMCS GraduateBirmingham, AL
This was an amazing class that helped me develop better communication tools as a coach. Meg is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor. I loved the poems she read at the start of each class! Thank you.
El Khansa Kaicer, Ph.D, LMFTLos Angeles, California
Another wonderful course with Ann-Marie. Learning about and implementing aspects of Positive Psychology, Signature Strengths and the Wheel of Life are valuable tools both for self-growth and helping others achieve their goals. Wonderful coaching sessions and discussions in a warm, comfortable and engaging setting.
Lara T. Abreu, MAPleasanton, CA