The Dr. Rhonda Simpson Memorial Scholarship

The Dr. Rhonda Simpson Memorial Scholarship has been established in the memory and honor of our colleague, friend and teacher in the Mindfulness Coaching School.

With gratitude, we honor who she was as a teacher, a medical doctor, an integrative practitioner, a visionary coach and an activist. Dr. Simpson passed away on February 9, 2018. She is missed….

The Simpson Scholarship is specifically for individuals in the Black community. The scholarship covers any two Mindfulness Coaching School courses of the recipient’s choice.

Priority will be given to those applicants who are currently making a difference in the communities they serve, and who have a practical plan about where and how coaching skills
will be engaged.

Consideration of an applicant’s potential to learn from and to contribute to the MCS community of learning, will also be a factor in the selection process.

Applications for the Scholarship will be reviewed twice each year: prior to the Fall semester and prior to the Winter semester. For each of those two reviews, a maximum of two scholarships will be awarded.

An individual may only be awarded the Simpson Scholarship once.

All courses must be completed within one year of receipt of the Scholarship. After one year, the value of the scholarship expires.

The Scholarship may not be used to request reimbursement for a course already taken, or already underway, or for private coaching through MCS.

Application process:
Each year there are two opportunities to apply for the Simpson Scholarship. July 1st and November 1st are the deadlines for each application period.

In both instances, ALL application materials, including letters of reference, must be received at the MCS office by the deadline. Ensuring that the complete application is received by MCS by the stated deadline, is the sole responsibility of the

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. We encourage the applicant to confirm with MCS that all materials have been received.

An Application must include:

  1. A personal statement of not more than 500 words describing:
    •Why this type of study
    •Why the Mindfulness Coaching School
    •Why now?


  2. What is your vision?
    •What change you are wanting to make?
    -In your life
    -In the lives of others?
  3. What difference might this award make for your community?
    •Describe your current engagement in and contribution to the community.
    •Describe your history of learning
    •Describe how you have best learned in your community.
    (Our interest here is learning in the broadest definition and absolutely not specific to an academic setting.)
  4. Two letters of reference.
    These letters should be provided by referees who have direct experience of the applicant in relation to the Criteria named above. Referees are asked to personally send letters to the
    MCS Scholarship Committee. Applicants must not forward letters of reference on behalf of referees.

Letters of reference may be provided digitally, but must be followed up with a hard copy.

While not obligatory, applicants might also want to consider providing a 3-5 minute video focusing on their work in the community and giving the community images of who might be impacted by your studies in coaching.

Applicants may include any other information or material which they believe might be of value to Scholarship Committee to best understand their intent in making this application.

Please note:
Financial disclosure is not requested for this application.
Academic transcripts are not requested for this application.

Submit all applications to with the subject line “Simpson Scholarship”.