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Seeing Clearly

A Reminder:

Don’t give up
Until your Fresh Eyes
Can see clearly.
It is then the miracles and blessings
Can be witnessed, manifested and enjoyed.

In other words
Don’t stop until the miracle happens

The Language of Wind

The Language of Wind

The many sounds of Wind
Collects itself in
And around the structures,
Speaking a language
Understood by few.

But you, all along,
Have known Wind’s language.

As Wind rustles
Through your Monkey Mind,
Decluttering what is not needed
And purifying what is,
Sit and listen to what remains.

Thank you for your practice.



Curbside at the library has gone.
Take-Out at the restaurant has gone.
Working at home is going.
Masks are going.

What have you gone beyond?
Where are you going?
How shall you proceed
Living on this other shore?

Gate, gate, paragate. Parasamgate, Bodhi svaha.
Gone, gone. Gone all the way to the other shore.
Everyone gone to the other shore. Enlightenment!

Be Here Now

Later, he says.

How much later? she asks.

Sooner than later
But before the end, he teases.

Too late, she responds.
The end just happened.

Opening Up

Opening Up

Like the Iris,
Begin your opening
Into this new world.

As you emerge
Bring the most familiar:
The deep inhale and exhale of your breath
The strong rhythmic pulse of your heart.

Like the iris
Open to new beginnings.

With Fresh Eyes and Beginners Mind

With Fresh Eyes and Beginners Mind

Later when you have grown old
And you are moving slower
You will look back
And Contemplate this time.
But for now
Take the lessons learned,
Implement them with confidence,
And experience the world
With the Fresh Eyes
Of Beginner’s Mind.

The Lake of a Thousand Dreams

The Lake of a Thousand Dreams

Once upon a time in a land not so far away there lived a princess: bright, strong, independent, Her palace overlooked the Lake of a Thousand Dreams, yet she was unable to dream passion, balance and light-heartedness into her world.

The Princess suffered. One day she would be alive with happiness in what life gave her, the next day dying in hopelessness from what she saw in the world.

This story is about how she found and lived the three-fold dream of passion, balance and light-heartedness no matter what life gave her. This story is how she became Queen.

How to Give Your IC, MM and G* a Vacation!

Follow the ten steps below! First guide your body into feeling more at ease. Now encourage your IC, MM and G* to go on vacation.

Be aware of the thought and feeling brought to you by IC, MM and G*.
Locate where they live in your body.
Breathe aliveness into that location.
Imagine exhaling all their energies out.
Repeat until your body down regulates.
Once down regulated, put up a stop sign in your mind’s eye when the monologue begins.
Imagine IC, MM and G journeying to their favorite vacation spot to live.
Use Be awake! Be alert! Do not be fooled by anyone (including IC, MM and G)! as a daily mantra to create awareness.
Distract yourself with your favorite passion.
Keep training IC, MM and G* to continue their vacation!
This exercise takes conscientious and pro-active mind training to shift and develop into new patterns. Keep practicing!

*IC = Inner Critic
*MM = Monkey MInd
*G = Gremlin

Remember: No guts, no glory!

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