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All classes are live, interactive, and web-based. This means you can connect over the Internet with live-streaming video from anywhere in the world. We are currently accepting registrations for 2021.


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On the first Monday of each month, we host a live free community coaching and mindfulness call. There’s no better way to experience what we’re all about!

The World Needs You!

“In a world that reinvents itself on a daily basis, we empower students and credentialed coaches to adapt, integrate, and flourish from the inside out, for the betterment of all sentient beings.”
Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC
MCS Founder & Director
Master Certified Coach, Buddhist Chaplain, Psychotherapist

We're an international, web-based, and ICF Accredited school offering:

• All inclusive Coach Training Programs
• Live & Interactive Classes via Zoom
• Small Class Sizes
• ICF Core Competency CCEs, Counseling CEUs, EMDRIA CEUs
• ICF Mentor Coaching
• Monthly Mindfulness Coaching Calls


12-week Course with Kristin Moody, ACC, EdD

Mondays, March 15-May 31st
4:00pm – 6:00pm Mountain


I loved the experiential nature of this class (The Dynamic Trio). I know that the applications being taught can help someone experience powerful breakthroughs… because I experienced powerful breakthroughs!  
Wayne King

Upcoming Classes

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All of our classes offer ICF Core Competency CCE’s

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More to Explore

Exploring the Silent Spaces

You are invited to join us Monday through Friday to meditate silently from 8 to 8:30am Mountain.

Together we are walking in the mysteries of the unknown on a crash course of adapting and integrating.

The world is reinventing itself in this moment. It’s in these silent spaces where we find resiliency within an infinite and nourishing mindset.

The Dr. Rhonda Simpson Memorial Scholarship

 The Simpson Scholarship is specifically for individuals in the Black community.  The scholarship covers any two Mindfulness Coaching School classes of the recipient’s choice or one S-T-R-E-T-C-H class. 

Application deadline: November 1, 2020

From Our Blog

So Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…!

So Don’t Eat the Mushrooms…!

“Don’t like the mushrooms?” the Mom asked her son.  “Try taking them off the pizza before eating.”     Yes, it can be that easy.  Extract the ego differences to see, to love, to feel deeply, and to trust. ...

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If you penetrate one barrier, there is another.

If you penetrate one barrier, there is another.

Daikyu Ebo (1715-1774) This reminder is a map of life.  If we consider a challenge, an obstruction, a barrier as a prevention of our destination then it will prevent us moving forward. By re-framing the barrier into a...

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How will I know…?

How will I know…?

Walking in snowI look back at footprints. Wind arrives Erasing the past. Who am I now? I wonder about this life.Will this be it?How will I know when it’s okay to be satisfied? Suzuki Harunobu (Japanese). Young Woman...

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The Good Enough Mindset

The Good Enough Mindset

I am good enough.You are good enough.We are good enough. In the beginningDeveloping the Good Enough MindsetRequires constant repetitionTo ward off the Inner CriticWho only believes in perfection. The Good Enough...

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Our students learn...

The Mindfulness Coaching School stands in solidarity with our Black, Latino and Indigenous communities.

The challenge of these days requires us to explore our own way of being as educators and as a community. We re-commit ourselves to learning, teaching and acting as more intentional allies.