The World Needs You!

“In a world that reinvents itself on a daily basis, we empower students and credentialed coaches to adapt, integrate, and flourish from the inside out, for the betterment of all sentient beings.”

Ann-Marie McKelvey
Founder & Director, Master Certified Coach, Buddhist Chaplain, Licensed Psychotherapist

Our students learn...

We're an international, web-based, and ICF Accredited school offering:

• All inclusive Coach Training Programs
• Live & Interactive Classes via Zoom
• Small Class Sizes
• ICF CCEs, Counseling CEUs, EMDRIA CEUs
• ICF Mentor Coaching
• Monthly Mindfulness Coaching Calls
• Other Life Enriching Resources…

It’s never too late to be who you might have been.

To be a stellar coach in today’s world, you must walk your talk.

We guide our students first to apply the skills they learn in classes to their own lives.

Then to blend these skills into their coaching practice
and out into the streets…

Bettering the world from the inside out.

Mindfulness Coaching News & Blog

What are you telling yourself?

What are you programming yourself to believe? How do you know it is true? Go slow. Explore and investigate what you are telling yourself. Go slower. Make sure what you are telling yourself is true. Choose your words, thoughts and images slowly during these times. Make...

A little madness is good for the soul!

A little madness is good for the soul!

When I was 25 years old, I was a consciousness growth trainer living at an educational and intentional community. We had just moved from Berkeley to a 150 acre old Catholic seminary in rural Kentucky. I was homesick. As I was packing to go back west a friend came to...

Simplify with a Strong Dose of Slow

Simplify with a Strong Dose of Slow

Simplify with a Strong Dose of Slow It appears Henry Wadsworth Longfellow was reading my current mindset when he wrote Something Left Undone in 1863. This summer no matter my intentions, disruptive events have arrived taking me for wild unscheduled runs, leaving much...

What Dance is Dancing You?

What Dance is Dancing You?

What Dance Is Dancing You? September 2,1993 I witnessed Mikhail Baryshnikov become the dance at the Santa Fe Opera. I wept as the sun went down over the Jemez Mountains and the dance danced him. It was a sacred, holy time. He. Was. The. Dance. Becoming the dance...

May nature be your guide

May the winds guide you in to an unexpected location May the birds sing to you throughout your day May the laughing coyote let you in on the joke May the darkness of night show you her beauty May the tarantula crossing the dirt path keep you focused May the unexpected...

The Three Treasures Practice Study

The Three Treasures Practice Study

Would you be interested in contributing five minutes of your day for 14 days towards an independent research study called The Three Treasures Practice? The Three Treasures Practice is a simple daily meditation utilizing the benefits of EMDR, Positive Psychology and...

New Course!

S-T-R-E-T-C-H Instensive

6-week Instensive Course
Phil Joudrey, ACC, D. Min.

Tuesdays and Fridays
October 13-November 20
8:00am – 10:00am Mountain

The Dr. Rhonda Simpson Memorial Scholarship

The Simpson Scholarship is specifically for individuals in the Black community. The scholarship covers any two Mindfulness Coaching School courses of the recipient’s choice.

Application deadline
November 1, 2020

Exploring the
Silent Spaces

You are invited to join us Monday through Friday to meditate silently from 6 to 6:30am Mountain.

Together we are walking in the mysteries of the unknown on a crash course of adapting and integrating.

The world is reinventing itself in this moment. It’s in these silent spaces where we find resiliency within an infinite and nourishing mindset.


The Writing, Creativity and the Mindful Coach class has opened new doors for me. I have kicked my inhibitions about writing to the curb and embraced the possibility of what I can create. Now, there is freedom and expansion when I have a pen in my hand and I sit at my desk.
Robin OlsonMCS AlumnaBryan, TX
The Mindfulness Coaching School stands in solidarity with our Black, Latino and Indigenous communities.
The challenge of these days requires us to explore our own way of being as educators and as a community. We re-commit ourselves to learning, teaching and acting as more intentional allies.