Absolute and the Dissolute and the Resolute Solution

Jan 25, 2024

by: S. Yael Dennis, MD, PhD ACC
Facilitator of:
*Body Electric
*Coaching Leaders for Today’s Challenges

Friends, we all know we live in trying times. We’re still feeling the impact of Covid and the lockdown experiences in many ways, and the polarization in our political landscape is fierce.

These big picture stresses make their way into our workplaces. And they follow us right back home.
The result?

One of my favorite and most esteemed teachers, Catherine Keller, writes:

“Between the absolute and the dissolute, be resolute.”

This beautiful sentence may seem vague and mysterious but with a little unpacking, it gets easier to understand. I’ve grown to love it and use it in my daily practice.

First let’s unpack what it means to be absolute or dissolute, then we’ll explore how to become resolute.

The “absolute” are folks who in the face of challenge, become even more one-sided, hostile, and add to turmoil. Alienation and hostility ooze out of them.
In the name of whatever good they’re trying to achieve, they justify negative ideas and actions.

They aren’t aligned with the highest values of justice, peace, and integrity.

The “dissolute” are folks who give up or get overwhelmed. Alienation and burnout paralyze them.
They feel powerless to fight back against the fiery hatred they feel coming from the absolute.
They don’t want to add to the turmoil, so they withdraw, not knowing what else to do. They are conflict averse.

Now what is the third option beyond dissolute complacency and joining the mob of absolute?

What is it to be resolute?  For me it means leading from your Core Self-energy. The place within where you meet the moment with:

✨ Calm in the face of chaos.
✨ Clear knowing of everyone’s inherent worth & dignity.
✨ Compassion for yourself and others.
✨ Courage to take the next step toward wholeness.

From this place, you embody wholeness as it unfolds.
You’re able to hold space for the intensity of the moment without it overwhelming your nervous system.
You remain steadfast in your values, without demonizing or dehumanizing people who are struggling.
You know you’re only one person, but you also know that change only takes a few positively committed people.
PLUS, you’re committed to being the best version of yourself no matter what. You know that your best Self is your best gift to the world and yourself.

We have been taught to stand in judgment of the absolute. Their polarization clearly causes the problems, right? Or to blame the dissolute, because why won’t they DO something?

But here’s the thing: anyone can struggle with feelings, thoughts, and behaviors that are either absolute or resolute. Often within an hour! In judging the absolute or dissolute we become them. In being resolute, we are sovereign in our own energy field. We are present in the moment.

It takes practice to embody the positive resolute qualities inherent within each of us. Especially if, through cultural programming and societal influences we have been taught to snap to absolute, dissolute judgemental states of being.

A daily commitment to creating profound shifts in the world begins at our own cellular level.

This is why I love teaching at MCS. We get to practice being our best selves. Using somatic methods and mindfulness practices we help ourselves develop self-regulation. We embody our positive, resolute aspects, and in doing so, offer these skills to others who wish to embody their own powerful, self sovereign wisdom and love.


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  1. Anita

    Great blog! Thank you for sharing these wise words.


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