Dreams, Intuition and Synchronicity

Dec 7, 2023

by: Mac Dryden, Director, ACC Level 1
Facilitator of Dreams, Intuition & Synchronicity

My dreams have become my greatest teacher in this life. Inspiring new desires of my physical being, quenching my thirst for knowledge and growth while continually reminding me of my ever-present loving connection with Creation.

Over the past few years, I have been learning the wisdom of dreams and how to utilize them in my physical life. Seven years ago, I went through some deep disappointments that popped the bubble of who I thought I was and who I desired to be. In the period that followed, my physical being was depressed. Little did I know, this “deep-rest” would open a doorway into my inner being, leading to great expansion and deep nourishment. I now recognize this as the greatest treasure I have ever known.

In this deep-rest state, seven years ago, I had little interest in physical reality. In losing my zest for life I would often withdraw into sleep, giving up the constraints of the physical reality for the ease of the dream world. I started to realize how much flow and freedom existed within. I began to experience vivid dreams bundled with fulfilling connective feelings. In waking life, the limitations of my physical conditions still felt all too limiting and overwhelming compared to the freedom I deeply desired and continued to realize in my dreams.

I tended to my physical reality minimally and took frequent naps finding respite and going deep within my inner consciousness. Gradually, I began to value my dream world beyond the rest and relief it offered, realizing it had an intelligent consciousness of its own. I began to record my dreams after waking, and over time, recalling dreams came as natural to me as remembering an outing with a friend. 

I learned to enjoy the depths of my consciousness, discovering new realities and bringing them back into my waking life. By remembering the dreams, the feelings and the symbols I began to decode my inner beliefs and see the threads of connection between the two worlds of waking and dreaming. When waking and working with my dream symbols, I noticed the dreams showed moments of the next day.

Many times, my dreams were as vivid and real as any physical event I could imagine, the colors and sounds orchestrated in such magnificent beauty, equivalent to any vivacious party in the physical realm. These powerful feelings and sensations filled and enriched my being as I awoke into a form as valid and real as anything I have known in this life.

As the years continued, I began to emerge from this dream cave of solitude I had created, bringing the jewels I found from my inner consciousness into my physical, daytime consciousness.  I learned that different dreams serve different purposes…

Stay tuned for Part 2 in the January Newsletter.  Learn more about the Dreams, Intuition & Synchronicity class.  Register today!

In Absolute Joy,

Mac Dryden, Director, ACC Level 1
Dreams, Intuition & Synchronicity Facilitator


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