If St. Hildegard Was Your Coach…

Mar 1, 2023

by Meg Hess, D.Min., PCC

St. Hildegard lived, and thrived, in Germany in the 12th century. The more I learn about her remarkable life with her outstanding contributions to medicine, theology, art, and writing, the more I think of her as a guide for those who wish to flourish in life. Hildegard’s spiritual tradition taught her to practice “discretio.” In the Middle Ages the Latin term “discretio” had a complex meaning which wove together the spiritual practices of discretion and discernment. “Discretio” involved self-awareness, the ability to take a clear-eyed look at one’s life and goals, and the capacity to identity one’s deepest longings. In a sense, the practice of “Discretio” is very much like the process of coaching.

Coaching creates a space where the client can touch base with an inner compass which guides them to live a life of integrity, meaningfulness, and purpose. With our accompaniment, clients are invited to identify their gifts and strengths, artfully navigate their challenges, and bring their deepest longings into alignment with how they love, live, and work in the world. Coaching is a place where one learns to listen as they practice “discretio.” This is “global listening” where client and coach are listening to one another as well as to the space between them. Listening for hints and guesses about one’s callings as they clarify feelings, needs, and longings for wholeness.

In the MCS March Coaching Call I will dig a little deeper into the life of St. Hildegard of Bingen. We will discover more about how this Medieval Mystic practiced self-care, developed her gifts, strengths, and skills, and provided leadership to others in her community who sought to follow her example of living a full, flourishing life. Her bold life provides many clues to how we might be a more effective coach and live with less fear and more courage.

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I am so glad that my introduction the coaching experience was under the guidance and care of Ann-Marie. The courses I have taken so far at the Mindfulness Coaching School has absolutely nurtured my ability to enrich my world and grow my capacity to support others as they work to enrich their own lives. I have already enrolled in more classes and am very excited for the next steps in my journey as they unfold with Mindfulness Coaching School!
Danielle TaylorStudent CoachOakland, CA
This class [Right Speech] didn’t just help me with my communication skills, it also helped me with the parts of me that struggle with stories, perceptions, and judgments that all affected my communication before I even had a chance to speak. I walked away from this class with tools I can use in my coaching practice as well as my personal life. Highly recommend this course!
Danielle TaylorStudent CoachOakland, CA
[The Dynamic Trio] was a great class that mixed experiential learning with incredible tools that I could use immediately with clients.  Ann-Marie was an incredible instructor with a myriad of knowledge and experience from many different backgrounds. I really appreciated her ability to interact so personally and intentionally with students in the class all while teaching a strong skill set.
Dawn GabrielMA, LPCCastle Rock, CO
This was an incredible learning journey, both personally and professionally. The leadership skills were discussed in creative and useful ways and the class exercises really forced on to think and happy each skill to themselves. We leave this class [If Steve Jobs Were Your Coach] armed with incredible knowledge about ourselves, our coaching and our life!
Lara T. AbreuB.A., M.A.Pleasanton, CA
Watching Ann-Marie coach is always such a great experience. I always learn a lot from her style and approach to things. She is a gifted instructor. I love her pace and the calmness she exudes in her teaching style.
Christine LucenteMCS GraduatePengilly, MN
The Mindfulness Coaching School has been an amazing resource for me on many levels. I took S-T-R-E-T-C-H! when Ann Marie suggested it would be a great addition to what we’d been working on in our coaching sessions. The class was so inspiring I decided to become a coach myself! I’ve taken 6 classes already and plan to take more. I love Ann Marie’s style of teaching; the academic aspect, the mindful/spiritual piece and the opportunity to work with other like-minded people during homework sessions. Ann Marie is a bottomless source of knowledge and inspiration and I am forever grateful!
Mimi PullenAcupuncturist, Herbalist & Wellness Coach
Mindfulness appears in many forms these days. In The Art of Engaged Mindfulness Ann-Marie takes us on an exploration of wisdom, understanding and practice, which nurtures the depth of our engagement with this powerful way of living.
Christy Endicott, LICSW
Right Speech with Meg Hess is a wonderful class. I am grateful for the many communication tools I learned through the course. Meg, as an instructor, brings uplifting energy to the class, keeping the discussions engaging and memorable.
Cassandra CabreraStudent CoachFlorida
MCS continues to complement my journey as a counselor, becoming a coach. This course [The Dynamic Trio] focuses on a new paradigm in human services as well as a new paradigm in consciousness.
William DrescherStudent CoachMinneapolis, MN
This class (Right Speech) was incredibly valuable for my coaching skills, and for my life. There was so much applicable information presented in an embodied and pragmatic way. Our instructor, Meg Hess, has an ability to evoke wisdom from everyone.
Jasmin BristowStudent CoachCalifornia