Community Is Not a Plastic Bag

Feb 2, 2023

by Matthew Rezac, ACC, MPS

The word “community” gets thrown around a lot, especially online. Type your email, make a click, and BAM! You’re in. Welcome to the community.

Communities are common as plastic bags these days. Apparently, they’re as nourishing as plastic bags, too. According to the Harvard Graduate School of Education, 36% of all Americans—including 61% of young adults and 51% of mothers with young children—feel “serious loneliness.”

Despite our loneliness, we are not separate. When we finally get quiet enough to see what’s really going on, we find simple, safe, calm, loving awareness that permeates all things. We could not live for one hour as a solo organism. No body, mind, or sense of consciousness can exist in isolation.

Thich Nhat Hanh created the term Inter-being as a state of connectedness and interdependence of all phenomena.

How can we experience this inter-being? How can we get a visceral, felt sense of the truth that we are not alone?

It takes more than a few clicks. As coaches, we have a unique opportunity to help society relearn the ancient, vital art of community-making. That’s why MCS offers Group Coaching: Unleashing the Transformative Potential of Community. In class we hold space to relearn what it’s like to be a real community.

Community is a highly participatory, unpredictable endeavor. It’s a place of unearthing. It’s an encounter where we go to expand understanding, to get riled up, to take a stand, to courageously experience our limitations, to laugh upon the discovery of our own ridiculously naïve point of view.

In this spirit, the course design is “meta.” You’ll experience it while learning about it while building it. Being in the class is like being in Group Coaching Cohort; assignments help you design (or refine) your own group coaching offering.

How do you design a gathering? What hats do you wear? How do you guide (but not control) generative conversations? How do you help a group set an agenda and stay accountable? How do you create conditions where everyone feels safe and welcome to participate?

A wise mentor once told me “you can start a group, but you can’t start a community.” That’s because real community is built over time. Communities require genuine relationships. Active participation. The creation of trust and belonging.

If you’re reading this, you’ve likely experienced the transformative power of the MCS community. Let’s “up our game” on how to take this experience into the world.

Come practice the vital art of community making!


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This course [Skillful Means]  helped me to understand and practice with the specific skills in coaching. It definitely equipped me to be a better coach.
Manohar CrokeM.A., Dipl. ECPBoulder, CO
I have never thought of myself a leader. The designation just didn’t resonate, and I thought this class [If Steve Jobs Were Your Coach: Leadership Skills to Thrive] might be an odd fit for me. This class helped me rethink what leadership means to me. I learned that leadership qualities are powerful everyday tools that I can call on to generate energy and shift perspective in any life circumstance! I came away from this course with an array of creative strategies and lenses to choose from, as I meet challenges in my own life and as I work with coaching clients facing their own challenges.
Ilse ThompsonMCS GraduateAuburn, ME
This class [Business Alchemy] was so valuable to me as a novice coach looking to start my own practice. Jim Butcher pulls together all the moving parts and helped me clarify my personal vision and motivation.
Ilse ThompsonStudent CoachAuburn, ME
I really enjoyed the class Skillful Means and felt it was the perfect class to kick off my quest to become a certified Mindfulness Life Coach. In this class I was introduced to the Essential Coaching Skills to use in a co-active coaching relationship. The material is well presented, organized and unpacked at a moderate pace that I could easily digest.
Pamela J. HealyStudent CoachNorwell, MA
This [Business Alchemy] is the course I was waiting for to help me understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The combination of theory, nuts & bolts business and marketing concepts and hands-on instruction for creating a web page is magical! It really is alchemy!
Robin OlsonStudent CoachBryan, TX
Deeper Than Words took me beyond a place of learning to effectively communicate with others and invited me to heal and listen to my own heart. This course was educational and an experience. Read more
Lee Michael Vance, Psy.D.
Someone said “coaching starts from the 1st breath” and I truly experienced it during this class (Becoming A Mindfulness & Wellness Coach: You at Your Best). Ann-Marie’s authenticity, vivid approach and dancing in the moment impressed me very much. I can sense her true love and compassion through each discourse. Her true coaching presence was not only reflected by the one-on-one coaching demonstrations, but also through each moment… A living example of a master coach.
I not only enjoyed this course (The Art of Engaged Mindfulness) but have personally benefitted from the techniques and behaviors that were introduced in the class which I in turn introduced in my life. I am a true beneficiary of this program.
Farooq NazirPCCPakistan
Phil was simply amazing. He is abundantly talented, non-judgmental, gracious and wise. He created a strong and safe community where people could take risks, learn about themselves, the coaching profession and above all, grow personally. I saw every person in the course take risks and transform. I am a seasoned leader/executive and I think he is the best facilitator I have ever experienced. He is a rare treasure and I am blessed to have been part of this course.
Patricia DeAngelisMeadowbrook, Pennsylvania
I attended The Dynamic Trio with Ann-Marie at a time when I was certified on all three of the “Trio” (EMDR, Positive Psychology, & Coaching). I was curious as to how these would be blended and what new things I would learn; and I ended up learning a lot indeed. Ann-Marie has a unique style that makes attending the course worthwhile. The applications she offers do have a positive tone when used with clients facing different struggles. It certainly is beneficial to capitalize on strengths through the approaches she suggests, instead of just focusing on mending one’s weaknesses. I find it a “must attend course” for practitioners in the field of any of these approaches (& others).  
Dania Dbaibo DarwishPCC, Life & Career Coach, Psychotherapist (EMDR, CBT, & Hypnotherapy)Lebanon