Coaching and Living From a Place of Intuition – Living a natural spontaneous life

Aug 4, 2023

By Mac Dryden, ACC, BS

As coaches and human beings we rarely need the overcomplicated stories and ideas that we’ve been taught. We each have access to our innate, intuitive genius in each moment when we tap in. If you look, you will see all babies and animals have this innate, intuitive genius guiding and supporting their lives.

As educated adults, we too have the natural, inner guidance which is always present, giving us what we need in every moment -if we would but listen!

As I write this I notice my cat walking to the screen door, suddenly he pauses mid stride with one paw raised ears rotating, listening. The rest of his body motionless, silent, the spontaneity of the moment catching his attention. I too am caught in this moment of wonder. Staring. After a moment of listening he begins moving and is ready to go outside. This spontaneous discovery of the moment is what intuitive living and coaching is all about.

To be spontaneous we must drop our old ideas, and arrive into this now. From this now we discover our current self, our current reality, and can actually respond to our current desires and needs. What does this moment say to you? What do you need to know in this moment? What needs to be said in this moment?

In the not knowing, the knowing that is relevant is known.

When we remember these elegantly simple things about ourselves, and our universe something happens to our minds and bodies. We get to be who we innately are once again, and all that stuff we were wrapped up in before falls away like old leaves in the wind as we return to the trunk of our inner being.

So come join me for this Monday’s monthly Mindfulness Coaching Call where I will be offering some simple tools and ideas that support you in living a life of intuitive guidance and joy.


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I highly recommend this class [Right Speech]. It’s an in-depth study into the forms of communication we engage in with ourselves and others!
D. Paul WilcoxStudent CoachFountain Valley, CA
Meg is a great coach and teacher. She has very kind presence and incorporates variety of exercises and approaches to coaching which makes learning fun and interesting. The NVC proves to be the language of life and I love to see all of us really live this language with people around us.
Srdjan VukcevicFounder and CEO, Blue CoachPodgorica, Montenegro
This class [Skillful Means] has been such a great growing experience. I’ve developed confidence using skills that had previously just been academic for me. I have especially enjoyed working with other students of such diverse backgrounds, and being able to see them use the same skill through their own unique perspectives. I hope to carry forward the creative and challenging energy I found here.
Ilse ThompsonStudent CoachAuburn, ME
Skillful Means is a great class that teaches the basics on how a to conduct a coaching session. You dive right into learning and practicing coaching. This helped me get out of my own way and start doing what I was learning. I often find myself learning new skills and then never putting them into action, but in this class I got the best of both worlds, learning and doing!
Mindy AndersonStudent CoachRice Lake, WI
Fabulous course to get you into or back into writing fearlessly and joyfully! [Writing, Creativity, and the Mindful Coach]
Lara AbreuStudent CoachPleasanton, CA
The Art of Engaged Mindfulness allowed me to become more flexible with my own established meditation practice. I really enjoyed the opportunity to dialogue with fellow coaches interested in deepening their own practice and sharing it with the world.
Melissa ParksPh.D.Burien, WA
This Mandala of beauty has been transformational for myself. I have been on a healing journey for many decades and this class [Skillful Means] supported even more progress on my journey. I have recommended this class and will continue to recommend this class and this wonderful school.
K. ToyeStudent CoachPrince Rupert, British Columbia
The Body Electric teaches important skills for being present and grounded as a coach that will help students trust their intuition and make deeper connections with their clients.
Suzanne L'HeureuxStudent CoachOakland, California
In this class, the “engaged” piece of Engaged Mindfulness is just as important as the “mindfulness” piece. I was inspired by this dynamic exploration of the subject of mindfulness, from the evidence-based, scientific arena — where we learn about the measurable, practical benefits to humankind of mindfulness practice — to the deeply personal space — where I clarified and re-engaged my own meditation practice both on the cushion and in how I move through the world
Ilse ThompsonStudent CoachAuburn, Maine
S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Becoming The Incredible Coach You Truly Are presented new and experienced coaches the opportunity to learn, apply and refine life-changing skills to better the lives of people. I learned new mindfulness applications that I could immediately apply in my life and roles as a leadership coach and adult educator. I really enjoyed the interaction, meeting new friends, and the freedom of expression. Aloha and mahalo MCS!
Char WilsonCapeesh Consulting