March blew in today…

Mar 1, 2017

March blew in today along with the early arrival of Rocky Mountain Bluebird. She has been gone all winter. I’ve missed her. She is gutsy, loyal, resilient and a brilliant spacious sky blue coloration. For me, she is a symbol of Beginner’s Mind.

I’m curious… What have you missed in your inner life this winter? What has been gone all winter and is ready to return home? When shall you invite it back with open arms?

In November, the Migrating Robin stopped over in Santa Fe for what usually is a quick visit. However, she and her friends decided to stay the winter. It has been a delightful surprise to witness their thirst for life, their confident ease regardless of the weather and their moment to moment curiosity.

I’m curious… What has migrated into your life and has decided to stay? What is it thirsty for? How can you foster its highest excitement?

Rocky Mountain Bluebird and Migrating Robin have learned how to fly high, bearing witness to an ever-changing world. They travel throughout North America, and yet here on the land, they flit from Grandfather Pinon to Grandmother Cedar – alive with passion and continuous flow of Qi.

I’m curious… How are you flying high and living your life in this ever-changing world?

In Northern New Mexico, March is a time when winter begins to dissolve and the winds take away all that is not needed. We are left with what will thrive and flourish.

I’m curious… What in your life is ready to be dissolved and taken away? What in your life is ready to thrive and flourish?

With much love, a deep bow, and a mischievous smile to each of you…


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My experience being an MCS student has been one of the most enriching in my entire life. It has brought me closer to my nature. I have more faith in the process of life, in the process of coaching, and in the process of being.
Ruby C. OrcuttNCC, MHC-P, CASACDerby, NY
[Dynamic Trio] was truly the highlight of my week. I loved the material that we covered and the positive energy of Ann-Marie. I recommend this class to anyone who is looking for new exercises or experience possibilities for their clients. But I give an even stronger recommendation or anyone looking for continuing self-care. Such a wonderful personal and professional opportunity.
Marne EgglestonLPC, CDC IArkansas
Fabulous course to get you into or back into writing fearlessly and joyfully! Writing, Creativity, and the Mindful Coach
Lara AbreuStudent CoachPleasanton, CA
I enjoyed The Dynamic Trio course immensely. Learning new and effective techniques that I can use in my practice is just what I was looking for in this course. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for new ways to expand their knowledge and life coaching practices.
Daniel MeyerStudent CoachNew Ulm, MN
[Right Speech] was incredibly valuable for my coaching skills, and for my life. There was so much applicable information presented in an embodied and pragmatic way. [Meg Hess, PCC, D. Min.] has an ability to evoke wisdom from everyone.
Jasmin BristowStudent CoachHawthorne, CA
An in-depth look at why we eat, our habits, and the influences that affect how we eat.
D. Paul WilcoxStudent CoachFountain Valley, CA
This course [Body Electric] really teaches you how to dive deep into somatic awareness. I was looking to get more comfortable with this practice and the class exceeded my expectations from the book to the instructor, Ann-Marie, to the guest lecturers. Many “WOW” moments as I used the techniques for myself and with my clients.
Robin OlsonMCS GraduateBryan, TX
STRETCH does just that…it stretches your understanding of what a coach is/does, it stretches your thoughts and insights about yourself and your journey and it stretches your bonds with your classmates to learn from their collective experiences and knowledge. This was an enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable class that really pushed you to think from a variety of perspectives and to also really think about who you are, the story you tell and why. I am sad it is over.
Lara T. AbreuStudent CoachPleasanton, California
This class taught me a lot more than I expected. I worked through some really hard issues in my writing and came out on the other side, with amazing insights and feeling very accomplished. The instructor worked seamlessly, incorporating coaching and writing skills into each class, demonstrating how therapeutic writing can be and how to incorporate it in coaching our clients.
Sue ShibleyStudent CoachDallas, TX
Right Speech with Meg Hess is a wonderful class. I am grateful for the many communication tools I learned through the course. Meg, as an instructor, brings uplifting energy to the class, keeping the discussions engaging and memorable.
Cassandra CabreraStudent CoachFlorida