I Tried Many Coaching Schools, But Finding MCS Was Like Finding Home

Dec 2, 2019

By Rosella Egione, PCC (new MCS graduate!)
Verona, Italy

As a mindfulness teacher and a graduate from two excellent coaching schools I still didn’t feel enriched nor even satisfied. I was ready and waiting for something new…something profound and yet loaded with a usable and practical path.

I waited a long time until I found MCS.

Then once enrolled I realized I was saying YES to being a coaching student once again and to my calling.

One of life’s greatest opportunities is to have appointments with our authentic selves to discover who we are. At MCS I am continually encouraged to understand the importance of knowing myself through honesty, trust and authenticity and, then, passing that on to my clients.

MCS has put together strong and diverse knowledges that allow me to work in the multilayered styles of mindfulness and somatic coaching.

Mindfulness Coaching is a true gift we give to ourselves and others. It is a powerful approach to awareness that I now incorporate into my individual and group sessions.

What surprised me most was the Somatic Coaching. Most of us have forgotten how to listen and follow our bodies’ guidance. At MCS I learned how our bodies continually speak to us with its’ intelligent wisdom and how invaluable they are in helping us make both ordinary and extraordinary decisions.

With the Mindfulness Coaching School I have integrated powerful channels of coaching. This enriching journey with the Mindfulness Coaching School is the beginning of something bigger!

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  1. Audrey

    Well said Rosella! It was a pleasure to meet you in classes and sense how you work. I wish you well.

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I really enjoyed taking The Dynamic Trio: EMDR, Positive Psychology & Somatic Coaching. The course provided me with new knowledge and applications of the material, not just to use in my personal life but also to integrate what I learned into my practice as a mental health therapist… I appreciate Ann-Marie setting the mood for the group and laying the foundation for safety, acceptance and openness from the beginning.
Graciela OlidMS, LMFTRancho Cucamonga, CA
I signed up with the Mindfulness Coaching School after speaking with Ann-Marie, and because of her experience as an EMDR Therapist. The readings and classes have helped me expand my therapy skills and opened up new perspectives with my clients. Ann-Marie’s style of teaching matches my needs so well. Her intuition, playfulness and sense of adventure are evident during class. I look forward to continuing this journey of personal growth that will lead me to my bliss and help others to do the same!!
Dawn ZivanovichMSW, RSW, Certified EMDR Therapist
[Right Speech] highly resonated with me and my current needs for growth. I cannot be more thankful for the support of this community, and our instructor Meg…With the guidance and support of the Mindfulness Coaching School I can see that I am closer to a life of purpose and meaning. Thank you Ann-Marie, instructors and fellow coaching students for creating this wonderful community.
Ruby OrcuttStudent CoachDerby, NY
What seemed apparent in the course description [The Art of Engaged Mindfulness] cannot contain the experience of going on this journey with Ann-Marie and a class full of incredible people. Because of this course, I’m a better coach and a wiser human.
Sandy WrightM.A.Fayetteville, AR
I appreciated the online learning format for obtaining my EMDRIA credits and was glad to experience a taste of professional coaching. The class (The Dynamic Trio) made me curious about the process of transitioning from a clinical psychologist towards a professional coach. Thanks!    
Karen M. FahertyPh.D.
I went into Right Speech thinking it was a way to connect through words and discovered it was much more. Transforming beliefs and behaviors, courage, resilience, kindness, listening; the qualities of how and what we communicate, nonviolent communication, connecting to self, understanding our needs and feelings as a series of openings that help us coach our clients to self-awareness and the change they want to be.
Sandy WrightM.A.Fayetteville, AR
[Right Speech] was incredibly valuable for my coaching skills, and for my life. There was so much applicable information presented in an embodied and pragmatic way. [Meg Hess, PCC, D. Min.] has an ability to evoke wisdom from everyone.
Jasmin BristowStudent CoachHawthorne, CA
Simply put, when I was taught coaching by a popular institute, I learned to coach thoughts and feelings. When I was taught The Dynamic Trio: EMDR, Positive Psychology, and Somatic Coaching at MCS, I learned how to feel those feelings and release them. The mind and body connected; this was the missing link for me.
Moira ClearyStudent CoachJohns Creek, GA
Ann-Marie was so open and honest. She was extremely patient and I look forward to more classes with her. She embodies the true spirit of a coach as she pushes you towards your own personal goals, while managing to teach you to focus on the client’s goal as well. Kudos to her and her team!
Sparkle C. BuntyonStudent CoachHermitage, TN
My experience being an MCS student has been one of the most enriching in my entire life. It has brought me closer to my nature. I have more faith in the process of life, in the process of coaching, and in the process of being.
Ruby C. OrcuttNCC, MHC-P, CASACDerby, NY