I Tried Many Coaching Schools, But Finding MCS Was Like Finding Home

Dec 2, 2019

By Rosella Egione, PCC (new MCS graduate!)
Verona, Italy

As a mindfulness teacher and a graduate from two excellent coaching schools I still didn’t feel enriched nor even satisfied. I was ready and waiting for something new…something profound and yet loaded with a usable and practical path.

I waited a long time until I found MCS.

Then once enrolled I realized I was saying YES to being a coaching student once again and to my calling.

One of life’s greatest opportunities is to have appointments with our authentic selves to discover who we are. At MCS I am continually encouraged to understand the importance of knowing myself through honesty, trust and authenticity and, then, passing that on to my clients.

MCS has put together strong and diverse knowledges that allow me to work in the multilayered styles of mindfulness and somatic coaching.

Mindfulness Coaching is a true gift we give to ourselves and others. It is a powerful approach to awareness that I now incorporate into my individual and group sessions.

What surprised me most was the Somatic Coaching. Most of us have forgotten how to listen and follow our bodies’ guidance. At MCS I learned how our bodies continually speak to us with its’ intelligent wisdom and how invaluable they are in helping us make both ordinary and extraordinary decisions.

With the Mindfulness Coaching School I have integrated powerful channels of coaching. This enriching journey with the Mindfulness Coaching School is the beginning of something bigger!

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  1. Audrey

    Well said Rosella! It was a pleasure to meet you in classes and sense how you work. I wish you well.

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This was an amazing instruction on EMDR. I highly recommend this class. [The Dynamic Trio]
D. Paul WilcoxStudent CoachFountain Valley, CA
More than just a class to help us eat more mindfully, Mindful Eating, Mindful Life is a great class for anyone interested in the topic, anyone with a desire to practice mindfulness in a new way and for anyone wanting to dust off or deepen their meditation practice. The course and materials may seem small, but they are so expansive. Thanks to Brittany for bringing this topic alive and for the school for providing such an amazing course in mindfulness.
Gretchen LarsenMCS GraduateBirmingham, AL
The Right Speech course has taken me beyond the basic coaching skills into higher-level listening and mindfulness skills I can use in my coaching and in life. Meg is a caring and knowledgeable teacher who creates an atmosphere of trust and passion for coaching
Victoria FontanaStudent CoachGrand Island, NY
This class [Writing, Creativity, and the Mindful Coach] was so enriching and provocative! I definitely learned many ways to apply writing and creativity within a coaching practice. So many amazing practices, prompts and ideas!!!
Amy SmouchaStudent CoachHyattsville, MD
The readings for this class [Skillful Means] were amazing and opened wonderful insights and discussions. I learned a lot about myself, both personally and professionally.
Lara T. AbreuB.A., M.A.Pleasanton, CA
Business Alchemy came at the perfect time in my identity formation as a coach. The instructors brought home practical aspects of crafting a business and marketing tools in a way that was more about solid self-expression rather than by-the-book, one-size-fits-all. The creativity flowed.
Amy RitchieStudent CoachRichmond, Indiana
This course [Skillful Means] provides the nuts and bolts of how to formulate and execute a coaching session. It was charming, challenging and encouraged me to think critically.
William DrescherStudent CoachMiddleton, WI
Another wonderful course with Ann-Marie. Learning about and implementing aspects of Positive Psychology, Signature Strengths and the Wheel of Life are valuable tools both for self-growth and helping others achieve their goals. Wonderful coaching sessions and discussions in a warm, comfortable and engaging setting.
Lara T. Abreu, MAPleasanton, CA
This was unlike any leadership course or training I have ever experienced in my thirty-plus years in the workforce. This course [If Steve Jobs Were Your Coach: Leadership Skills to Thrive] took traditional leadership topics such as ethics and management of people/products and presented them for the coaching profession by translating them through the inspirational eyes of intuition and mindfulness. Ann-Marie has an acute way of weaving these aspects through virtually any subject matter and leadership qualities is no exception. We tied together these qualities with the outside world and our inner self to anchor them deep within us.
Robin Olson MCS GraduateBryan, TX
S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Becoming The Incredible Coach You Truly Are presented new and experienced coaches the opportunity to learn, apply and refine life-changing skills to better the lives of people. I learned new mindfulness applications that I could immediately apply in my life and roles as a leadership coach and adult educator. I really enjoyed the interaction, meeting new friends, and the freedom of expression. Aloha and mahalo MCS!
Char WilsonCapeesh Consulting