From Russell

Since finishing my classes at Mindfulness Coaching School, I’ve been working with clients to build hours toward Mindfulness, Wellness & Somatic Coach Certification. Many of my current clients have come from the student-led Client Pool, which has been an invaluable resource outside of MCS. My wife and I own a yoga studio here in Reno, and there I guide monthly meditation workshops and work with local coaching clients.

The MCS class material, training, and practice coaching really got me prepared to work with groups and individuals. It also provided space to allow me to work with people the way I believe is most effective, and aligns with my particular life path.

I also guide weekly meditation for young adults at a transitional home, and this has been an incredibly rewarding experience. Working with the teachers and students at MCS helped me build confidence to take on these commitments and to approach them with openness and compassion.

I still have a full-time job outside of coaching, so building up my practice hours for credentialing has been a slower route than most students, but I see my transition to coaching clearly, and I feel well supported by everyone who was a part of my experience at MCS.

-Russell Persson, MCS Senior Student Coach

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