First Thought, Best Thought

Thank you…
December 9, 2017
Sweetwater Cafe, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I hold my chai as though it is the most sacred of all. But it’s not. It’s what I’m listening to at the next table that brings in the potent sacredness.

The young man is reading to his partner a prose poem of two words he wrote the night before.
He leans in and says quietly, This is for you… for the love that we share.
Then he begins.
Thank you.
Their hands reach for each other.
Again he repeats Thank you.
Each of the fourteen times he says Thank you and pauses, the silence deepens.
Fourteen times Thank you becomes a vehicle to acknowledge and celebrate every single thing in their lives, with no exception.
They leave the cafe hand in hand.
I am left holding my chai in wonder of the magnificence of life… grateful to be a coach where acknowledgment and celebration are lived in all situations. Grateful to be reminded. Thank you, young man.
Thank you has become my spiritual practice during this time of darkness leading up to the Winter Solstice here in North America. Thank you has transformed into my December prayer.
To each of you during this time where we engage in both the darkness and light… I give you a deep bow and Thank you…
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