Community Building Through MCS

By Ruby Orcutt (Derby, NY), Senior MCS Student

One year ago I was looking for inspiration. My career was at a certain point, but my expectations were much higher.

Then I bumped into Mindfulness Coaching School, and it felt like inspiration had knocked at my door. Being a student of MCS has been one of the most transformative experiences of my life. From the first course to the next one, and to the next, I found myself exploring, discovering, and nurturing the best of me.

Coaching requires knowledge and skills and yet stellar coaching goes beyond the well known definition. It adds honesty, compassion, connection and whole presence.

In connection, MCS has taught me how community is built to support my evolution toward becoming a stellar coach. Upon completing each course I enjoy the privilege to keep in close contact with some of the students from other parts of the globe. We meet on Zoom and practice on a regular basis. With growing confidence, we share knowledge and dive into the different avenues that a given session may present.

We connect. Yes, we connect. This kind, informed, and consistent feedback allows us to be relevant, enriched, and empowered, as we honor our commitment to positively impact other’s lives. Thank you MCS for creating such a wonderful, warm, creative and inspirational space!

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