Coaching Empowers Women in Developing Countries

By MCS Senior Student Chelle Johnson

I’ll be going to Uganda and Kenya in November for two weeks with a group of coaches. We will be coaching women and teen girls, and helping them set motivating and clear goals for all areas of their lives. Many of the women run small businesses to earn money, and teaching them how to set and achieve goals helps their families and the entire community. We partner with groups like Days for Girls, a local Women’s Empowerment Center, and the village leaders. A portion of our time is spent doing projects like installing water purification systems, building chicken coops, donating livestock, and remodeling classrooms.

I travelled to India with this group in 2016. While there, we coached hundreds of students at a small agricultural university – helping them to plan for their future and to steer their life, rather than letting life happen to them. We also spent some time at a center dedicated to improving the lives of women in the sex-trade and their children.

I love being able to use my coaching skills to empower others. When I can combine that with a humanitarian focus while meeting new people, learning about other cultures, and getting to see some really amazing places along the way, it fills my heart and soul.

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Chelle Johnson
Mindfulness Coach
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