Anita’s PCC Journey

Aug 3, 2021

Steps On Becoming a PCC
— Anita Rodriguez Cordero

When I began my coach training journey, the 100 hours of coaching clients required to complete  the ICF Associate Certified Coach (ACC) designation felt like climbing El Yunque – the tallest mountain in my native Puerto Rico.

But then, last fall, Ann-Marie had the audacity (!) to challenge me to skip over the ACC and go directly to the Professional Certified Coach (PCC)!  She had done it and told me I could too!  I accepted the challenge even though it meant 500 hours of coaching clients!  I was intrigued but knew that this would not be a graceful afternoon hike. I needed to shift my mindset and prepare my “supplies”.

Now ten months later I am almost at the “summit”!  Ann-Marie provided the vision and the belief that it could be done. But I also needed a meaningful “why” that resonated for me. This is how I made it work:

My why:  My clients have experienced difficult losses and challenges and completing 500 hours would help me become the coach they deserve and would help me feel confident in my new role. 

Mindset: To attract a large number of clients without spending time marketing I decided to remove the money barrier. But to work for peanuts, I needed to let go of potential feelings of resentment, guilt, or victimhood. I decided to label my work as unpaid internship

My steps: 

  • Purchase insurance – I like to play it safe! 
  • Prepare three documents: A client information form that is signed by the client asking permission for me to keep a confidential record of our work together for ICF certification. A coaching agreement (a hybrid of the ICF template and the one shared by teacher Phil). A welcome letter providing information about coaching, what to expect, and who I am. 
  • Brainstorm a list of past colleagues I like and trust. 
  • Create an irresistible offer: Six (6) coaching sessions for an introductory offer of $30 – My potential clients are Midwesterners in the US, and here you can’t pass a good deal. But I did not want the low fee to cheapen the experience, so I explained the purpose for the low fee – my feverish goal to complete the 500 hours by fall of 2021. 
  • Email my offer to 23 colleagues (11 accepted my offer). One asked me to coach her team of five (she would pay for their coaching), another shared my offer to her networking group of HR professionals. Clients made referrals – some people just love to help. One client brought six new clients! In just four weeks I had 25 clients, with additional ones joining over time.  
  • Set up simple systems such as payment options using PayPal or Venmo, prepare receipts to reflect small but taxable income, and an excel sheet to track clients, session dates and coaching hours. 
  • After the six sessions I offer my clients the opportunity to purchase another package of six for a slightly higher fee. Most clients engage in additional coaching and are now paying $20 – $30 per session. 
  • They are aware that my rates will change after my certification (but I will always extend a special rate to my first clients!) 

Unexpected gifts: I have coached a diverse client base – women and men from age 20 to 70, entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, healers to skeptics. This has helped me be clear about my niche and better understand perspectives very different from my own. I find joy in being exposed to the diversity of the human spirit. I have become less judgmental in the process, even of those who hold different political perspectives than mine. 

And it all started by a vision and a challenge from Ann-Marie! 


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The course [S-T-R-E-T-C-H!] allowed me to ‘stretch’ my ability to practice what I preach. Philip was very competent and helpful to all of us. It was a great experience. Thank you Ann-Marie, Philip, and Brittany!
ElKhansa KaicerStudent CoachLos Angeles, California
What seemed apparent in the course description [The Art of Engaged Mindfulness] cannot contain the experience of going on this journey with Ann-Marie and a class full of incredible people. Because of this course, I’m a better coach and a wiser human.
Sandy WrightM.A.Fayetteville, AR
The body is a tremendous source of wisdom and Body Electric gives you the keys to open the channels of communication with it. You will be surprised what you can get if you just listen. Thank you for the opportunity to come back as one with my body.
Srdjan VukcevicFounder and CEO, Blue Coach Business Training Podgorica, Montenegro
Right Speech provides essential tools for making one’s way through the complexities of this human experience–our own, and those of our clients.
Liv SyptakPCC, M.Ed., MBABreckenridge, CO
STRETCH does just that…it stretches your understanding of what a coach is/does, it stretches your thoughts and insights about yourself and your journey and it stretches your bonds with your classmates to learn from their collective experiences and knowledge. This was an enlightening and thoroughly enjoyable class that really pushed you to think from a variety of perspectives and to also really think about who you are, the story you tell and why. I am sad it is over.
Lara T. AbreuStudent CoachPleasanton, California
[In Writing, Creativity, and the Mindful Coach] I enjoyed learning about how to be an effective coach via the route of writing and mindfulness. This was a new experience for me and one I found to be very valuable. I have a new and great tool in my toolbox to better serve my coaching clients. Thank you for this course!
Phyllis Reid-JarvisPCCWinnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Learning the language of NVC with Srdjan Vukcevic felt like being immersed in a pool of empathy and authenticity. At its heart, NVC allows us to be seen and heard and Srdjan’s mindful, steady, and experiential approach to teaching made certain that everyone of us felt heard and seen during every class. Read more
Rachel Meginnes
My experience being an MCS student has been one of the most enriching in my entire life. It has brought me closer to my nature. I have more faith in the process of life, in the process of coaching, and in the process of being.
Ruby C. OrcuttNCC, MHC-P, CASACDerby, NY
Kristin’s dynamic teaching style made this class fun and exciting and got my creative juices flowing. I was surprised at how much I learned about what I needed, and didn’t need to move forward in launching my coaching business. I also gained more clarity on how I want to deliver my message of what I do. Read more
Laura Lamp MCS Student
The Dynamic Trio program was wonderful. I learned so much that I have applied right away, and yet the course itself felt light and effortless – perfect conditions for learning. I am taking away a renewed sense of the power of positive psychology and feel more liberated yet grounded in my coaching work. The client imagery and somatic awareness from the practices and applications have been so inspiring and moving. Thank you!
Avalyn LimStudent CoachSingapore