A Journey to Yourself That Leads You to Everyone and Everything

Dec 2, 2019

By Brenda Fagan, Senior MCS Student New Orleans, LA

I’ve been an occupational therapist for 16 years working primarily with older adults in clinical practice and managing rehabilitation professionals. Over the years my work became more and more centered around mindfulness practices and coaching both with the patients and families I served and the staff that worked for me. I found the most joy in my work when I was using these approaches and decided to look for opportunities to hone my skills. I was thrilled to find the Mindfulness Coaching School in the list of ICF-approved schools. For the past two years I’ve been taking classes, learning and growing and being supported by an incredible community. MCS is so much more than a coaching school, it’s a journey to yourself that leads you to everyone and everything.

Over the summer I took the last three classes I need for my ACC and Mindfulness, Wellness and Somatic Coach credentials: Body ElectricWhere Mind Goes, Qi Goes and The Dynamic Trio: EMDR, Positive Psychology and Somatic Coaching. I experienced these classes at a time when I was away from my home city working in a nursing home at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I was immersed in practices of somatic awareness, energy flow and expansiveness. Through each class I got to explore with my fellow classmates the many ways there are to feel the connection to your body that is always present, how to be still and listen to the wisdom it has to offer and how to use my learned skills with clients to help lead them to themselves, their truth, their highest excitement.

I used what I was learning with the patients and staff I worked with every day at the nursing home where life seems very out of body and control. I hiked to the top of mountain peaks and the bottom of redwood groves practicing Qi Gong every day and drawing from the power of nature that surrounded me. The energy, stillness and absolute truth that exists in the silence of the woods and mountain tops combined with the coaching skills I was learning and practicing in class and with my homework partners has given me more than I could ever have imagined. Thank you to my classmates, my homework partners, Ann-Marie and the Mindfulness Coaching School for being on this incredible journey with me.

And this is just the beginning…


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This class [The Dynamic Trio] is not only something that will help you bring more light into others’ lives but will also be beneficial for your own. The content was priceless and made me a better person.
Milo MiserlianStudent CoachSanta Rosa, CA
Body Electric is great for those that are looking to challenge the automatic responses and default ways of thinking and being. Realizing that the conversation with the body has a different vibration and that it doesn’t always speak quickly is so valuable. Our bodies are a wealth of comfort and wisdom. This class provides tools for starting that dialogue with yourself and with others.
Alicia UpchurchStudent CoachBrooklyn, New York
I love the capacity to be “unique and whole.” In this course, amidst the trauma of coronavirus, I found it was still possible to listen deeply in the moment. So thank you to this class and the life-giving experiences it offered. The course gave me fresh air for both my mind and body.
PCC, MWSC, MCS AlumnaVerona, Italy
This course [Body Electric] gives a wonderful overview of how much the body affects us and how to use that knowledge to help move the coaching process along.
Lisa Matovich-BrookeSenior StudentBillings, MT
The class Right Speech took me beyond the basic coaching skills into higher-level listening and mindfulness skills I now use regularly in my coaching practice and in my life. Meg Hess is a caring and knowledgeable teacher who creates an atmosphere of trust and passion for coaching.
Victoria FontanaCoach, EducatorSpain
This course [Skillful Means] provides the nuts and bolts of how to formulate and execute a coaching session. It was charming, challenging and encouraged me to think critically.
William DrescherStudent CoachMiddleton, WI
S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Becoming The Incredible Coach You Truly Are presented new and experienced coaches the opportunity to learn, apply and refine life-changing skills to better the lives of people. I learned new mindfulness applications that I could immediately apply in my life and roles as a leadership coach and adult educator. I really enjoyed the interaction, meeting new friends, and the freedom of expression. Aloha and mahalo MCS!
Char WilsonCapeesh Consulting
I was reluctant to take this course [Mindful Eating: Mindful Life] as I have struggled with eating disorders since my teens. I didn’t want yet another “eating plan” that would add more clutter to my already busy thoughts about food. I honestly only took the class because it was required for PCC and I came in thinking that maybe I could learn something to help my clients. But honestly, I learned a ton about myself, my thoughts about food and eating, as well as many tools and ideas to use with my clients.
Chelle JohnsonStudent CoachAlbany, Oregon
Ann-Marie is a great coach and instructor. Watching her coach others and myself was a great way to learn the coaching skills. Loved the energy and atmosphere she has created during the course and maintaining the focus on learning and growth of each end every one of us. Fun, playful and full of interaction and great content.
Srdjan VukcevicFounder and CEO, Blue Coach Business TrainingPodgorica, Montenegro
I have never thought of myself a leader. The designation just didn’t resonate, and I thought this class [If Steve Jobs Were Your Coach: Leadership Skills to Thrive] might be an odd fit for me. This class helped me rethink what leadership means to me. I learned that leadership qualities are powerful everyday tools that I can call on to generate energy and shift perspective in any life circumstance! I came away from this course with an array of creative strategies and lenses to choose from, as I meet challenges in my own life and as I work with coaching clients facing their own challenges.
Ilse ThompsonMCS GraduateAuburn, ME