Trusting What Is Alive In You

By Zana and Ann-Marie

Last night I was walking with my friend Zana and we explored feeling uninspired about deadlines and projects… This is what she had to say ~
Annie, the pressure is on when we tell ourselves we have to perform, be exciting, or lead the way for everyone else. Remember, inspiration is like the ebb and flow of breath… coming and going. We are not always inspired; that would require us to hold our breath. It would drain inspiration’s life force. Be patient. Relax. Let go. Allow the dynamic rhythm to unfold.

So, as I wait for the next inspiration to come, breathing in and out…

I cultivate what is alive in me today, like:

  • Tweak the upcoming class Business Alchemy with the importance of Loving Kindness
  • Listen to Owl and Wind more closely
  • Write about stillness
  • Explore and create another somatic meditation for coaches
  • Get ready emotionally to say “Good-Bye” to my Skillful Means students at our last class this afternoon
  • Mentor Coach a student on becoming a stellar coach
  • Weave two more Designer Potholders for the upcoming Holiday Art Fair

A practice for you:
Breathing in, I trust as my body relaxes.
Breathing out, I listen as my inner smile permeates…
I explore inside of my breath, where inspiration lives.

And now contemplate:
Have your passions of yesterday expired? (If yes – toss them out mentally or update and reconfigure them.)
What are you passionate about creating, cultivating, and delivering?
Join me… let’s do ‘em!

Let us know… How do you let inspiration find you?
Email us! We’ll inlcude some ideas in our next newsletter…



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