Creative Business Woman

Spinning Wheel AMM leftAnn-Marie has worn many hats in her life. Most recently, in her roles as an EMDR Consultant and Buddhist Chaplain, she created, designed, and facilitated The Three Treasures Practice and Research Study. The study is based on grief and loss; utilizing EMDR, Positive Psychology, and Loving Kindness Meditation. In June, 2014 she was asked to share her findings at the EMDR European Conference in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Ann-Marie moved permanently to Santa Fe in 1979. Living in the Land of Enchantment, she evolved from a fiber artist into a business woman as the founder and director of CMD, Inc. an international texture and textile business with distribution to over 600 retail outlets including Lord & Taylor as well as the Broadway production of Cats. In addition, her fiber creations grace the homes of many collectors from coast to coast.

Later, as marketing director for New Mexico Magazine, an affiliate of the New Mexico Department of Tourism, her honed entrepreneurial skills were utilized within state government.2.AMM Edinburgh

Her artistic focus has now shifted to expressive, multi-media canvases and she is currently completing the Collages-on-Canvas series “Influenced by A Dream”. View Ann-Marie’s Gallery of Original Art. Or find the Art Prints.

In a prior life Ann-Marie was producer, director and hostess of the radio show, Ann McKelvey: With Women.  She is currently producing a series of Mindfulness Audio Blogs, which will be available to the public later this year.

A published writer, Ann-Marie is also in the throes of reformatting and editing her first e-book.

Ann-Marie also contributed two chapters to EMDR Solutions II: Pathways to Healing edited by Robin Shapiro and published by W.W. Norton.  If you are interested in studying more about EMDR and Positive Psychology or EMDR and Coaching you’ll find a variety of processes to utilize in these chapters.


Creative Business Woman

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