Summer 2023 - Deeper Than Words

Dates: Thursday's, May 4 - June 22, 2023
Time: 12pm - 1:30pm Mountain Time

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Summer 2023 – Deeper Than Words


Taught and Created by:
Srdjan Vukcevic, MSc Economics, PhD in Japanese Management, PCC, Executive Coach

Offers 12 ICF Core Competency CCEs and 12 Optional Counseling CEUs

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Deeper Than Words took me beyond a place of learning to effectively communicate with others and invited me to heal and listen to my own heart. This course was educational and an experience.
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Lee Michael Vance, Psy.D.

Learning the language of NVC with Srdjan Vukcevic felt like being immersed in a pool of empathy and authenticity. At its heart, NVC allows us to be seen and heard and Srdjan’s mindful, steady, and experiential approach to teaching made certain that everyone of us felt heard and seen during every class.
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Rachel Meginnes

It was a different type of MCS class and yet one of the most powerful ones. All classes were filled with practice, real time coaching and wisdom that can be applied in everyday life. This class is for coaches and people who want to develop their communication skills, empathy, listen deeply and speak skilfully. It’s also a class to learn a compassionate approach towards yourself, others and life in general.
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Zsanett Czifrus, Mindfulness Student Coach, Former Business Consultant

Amazing class.
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Anthony J. Christmann

NVC is an incredible tool to utilize for my coaching practice but also to enhance and enjoy more fully my life and the one of the people around me. Srdjan is an incredible human being and a teacher. His gift is to be able to share his knowledge with authenticity and vulnerability. He is embodying NVC and he inspired me deeply. THANK YOU
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Millie Carey

This class exceeded all my expectations. A must have class for all coaches, no matter what your path is! This was my first detailed exposure to NVC and I fell in Love! Communication is basic and the most important part of relationship, connection and belonging. This opens up deeper level of connection which leads towards love and peace. Srdjan is one of the finest human being I came across. His calm, positive and joyous presence was reflective of NVC in practice. In each class we were able to learn by observing him being ‘NVC carrier’ for all 90 mins. Being a master of NVC he created safe place for  learning. His modesty, kindness and compassion not only made it easy for us to open up and participate in class he held is in safe place and made us feel supported. He was able to bring best from all of us. He made learning joyous and excited. No matter what we brought to table, he took us forward from where we were and utilized every sentence spoken into a learning experience. I have no doubt that this is going to keep going upward and forward from here on.
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Dolly Anadkat Ph.D., PCC, PGDCH Practicing Coach for over 10 years

This class broke down the essence of how to effectively communicate and expanded my vocabulary around feelings, needs and emotions. This was a powerfully moving experience. Srdjan and my classmates created a beautiful mandala of safety, vulnerability and openness from which we all benefitted and grew. One of my favorite MCS classes!
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Lara T. Abreu, B.A., M.A.

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