Spring 2024 - Body Electric

Dates: Thursday's, March 7 - April 25, 2024
Time: 10:00am - 11:30am Mountain Time

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Spring 2024 – Body Electric


Taught by:
S. Yael Dennis, MD, PhD

Created by:
Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC

Offers 12 ICF Core Competency CCEs and 12 Optional Counseling CEUs

Skillful Means, S-T-R-E-T-C-H, Art of Engaged Mindfulness
or permission from Ann-Marie

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Probably the single best course I’ve taken in a decade. The somatic templates and in-course use of them were shared from a place of deep knowing and wisdom. Amazing. The reading and sharing of new practices (for me) has made this whole course one of tapping into an ancient wisdom with simple and real practical use. Thank you!

Gaynor QuilterStudent CoachLeicestershire, United Kingdom

I love the capacity to be “unique and whole.” In this course, amidst the trauma of coronavirus, I found it was still possible to listen deeply in the moment. So thank you to this class and the life-giving experiences it offered. The course gave me fresh air for both my mind and body.

PCC, MWSC, MCS AlumnaVerona, Italy

What an amazing journey into the human body and being present within yourself!

D. Paul WilcoxSenior MCS StudentFountain Valley, California

Learning how to listen deeply to the wisdom of the body and to trust that we are fluent in our own somatic language has provided such a valuable coaching tool and life practice.

Ilse ThompsonMCS AlumnaAuburn, Maine

I fell in love with somatic coaching. I never thought I could actually talk to my body. A completely new world opened up for me personally, as I am sure will be the case also for my clients. I now fully understand as I have experienced it that somatic coaching is the only really holistic way to get to core of the challenges and to the goals that are completely aligned with ourselves.

Silvija ZagarStudent CoachHunsdorf, Luxembourg

Body Electric is great for those that are looking to challenge the automatic responses and default ways of thinking and being. Realizing that the conversation with the body has a different vibration and that it doesn’t always speak quickly is so valuable. Our bodies are a wealth of comfort and wisdom. This class provides tools for starting that dialogue with yourself and with others.

Alicia UpchurchStudent CoachBrooklyn, New York

The Body Electric teaches important skills for being present and grounded as a coach that will help students trust their intuition and make deeper connections with their clients.

Suzanne L'HeureuxStudent CoachOakland, California

Body Electric takes a coach deep into their own somatic wisdom. This embodied learning then becomes a backbone to how we coach.

Amy RitchieMCS AlumnaRichmond, Indiana

The body is a tremendous source of wisdom and Body Electric gives you the keys to open the channels of communication with it. You will be surprised what you can get if you just listen. Thank you for the opportunity to come back as one with my body.

Srdjan VukcevicFounder and CEO, Blue Coach Business Training Podgorica, Montenegro

Watching Ann-Marie coach is always such a great experience. I always learn a lot from her style and approach to things. She is a gifted instructor. I love her pace and the calmness she exudes in her teaching style.

Christine LucenteMCS GraduatePengilly, MN

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