MCS Policies and Student Agreement

Acknowledgment of this form is required before your participation in any Mindfulness Coaching School (MCS) program. Please read thoroughly!

MCS Student Agreement
This is a mutual endeavor. Our intention is for a mutually beneficial experience – for both you, as a student coach, and MCS as an entity. MCS holds the right to refuse admission to anyone and to ask admitted students to leave the school at any time, based on inappropriate conduct.

To verify your participation in our program, MCS may share your name and contact information with the International Coach Federation.

MCS Policies
Code of Ethics
MCS operates under the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. Please visit their website and read the Code thoroughly. As a student of MCS, you agree to uphold this Code of Ethics.

Sharing Contact Information
Students agree not to use other students contact information outside of contacting fellow students for class unless explicit permission has been given. In other words you are not permitted to harvest any lists for marketing or other purposes outside school activities.

Hiring a Coach
It is highly recommended that all MCS students hire an ICF credentialed coach and receive coaching throughout the duration of participation in the program. Please email for a list of recommended MCS Alumni.

Coaching within the Program
Practice Coaching Session within a class or Practice Group hold the primary intention of helping students become better coaches. Practice Coaching Sessions are often short in duration and not confidential, as they are recorded and in the context of group learning. As such, please consider the nature of these sessions as educational for the coach, and choose topics to be coached on accordingly. It is often helpful to keep an ongoing list of appropriate topics to be coached on in class.

If you require coaching on a weighty or in-depth topic, you agree to hire a professional coach and/or psychotherapist of your selection.

Certificates of Completion
Certificates of Completion for any class will be given only when:
• Student has met the attendance requirement of a minimum of 80% of the contact hours.
• Student has completed the Student Agreement.
• Class has been paid for in full.
• Student has completed the Course Evaluation (if the Course Evaluation is not completed within 30 days of the final class, student will be charged a $10.00 fee to receive Certificate upon submission of belated Evaluation).

Course Withdrawal and Refund Policy
We are committed to running a healthy and efficient school and to keeping tuition costs low for our students. Last-minute cancellations and transfers are very costly for us – significant staff time must be redirected, preparatory materials changed, and budget altered. As a courtesy to us and to your fellow students who may be on the waiting list, please submit your cancellation requests at least two weeks before the start of class. Our course withdrawal policy is as follows:
• More than 14 days prior to the start of class: Mindfulness Coaching School retains a $150.00 fee for all cancellations.
• 8 – 14 days prior to the start of class: Mindfulness Coaching School retains half of class tuition.
• 7 days or less prior to the start of class: Mindfulness Coaching School retains all of class tuition.
• Optional Counseling and/or EMDRIA CEUs are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Transfer Fees
If you wish to transfer registration and payment from one course session to another, there is a $100.00 Transfer Fee.

Coaching Hours
You, as the student, are responsible for acquiring and documenting practice coaching hours toward credentialing (100 for ACC and 500 for PCC).

Just in case an extra class is required, please block out the day and time one week after your class ends. In other words, if your class ends on Tuesday, the 10th at noon, keep Tuesday the 17th at noon unscheduled.