The Three Treasures Practice utilizes the components of EMDR, Positive Psychology and Loving Kindness Meditation simultaneously. We ask that you set aside five minutes daily to do the practice.

Please follow the Simple Instructions below to guide your mediation. If you would like to print the Simple Instructions to have with you in your meditation area, there are two printable templates available below.

Simple Instructions

1. Sit comfortably in a quiet environment. Take deep inhales and deep exhales as you settle.

2. Place your hands palms down on top of your thighs. In a determined way gently and slowly tap each upper thigh one at a time. Tap so that it is loud enough to hear and feel.

As you alternate the rhythmic tapping from one thigh to the other silently or out loud say to yourself for five minutes:

               May I now be filled with loving kindness
               May I now be safe and protected
               May I now be resilient in mind and body
               May I now live with ease and joy

The Loving Kindness Meditation is an ancient tradition that goes back thousands of years. Although the phrases may differ from culture to culture the basic principle is to alleviate suffering. Please use the positive LKM phrases above for 14 days in a row along with the thigh tapping for five consecutive minutes each day.

Should you find yourself becoming drowsy please stand up to do the practice until the five minutes have transpired.

Although not required, we suggest that you jot down insights that arise during the five minutes of The Three Treasures Practice to tweak your memory when filling out the questionnaires.

You will receive your next questionnaire in 7 days.

Thank you.