Taking It to the Streets!

Mindfulness Coaching School, founded by Master Certified Coach, Psychotherapist, and Buddhist Chaplain Ann-Marie McKelvey, was created to infuse engaged mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Co-Active Communication, wellness and EMDR into coaching skills and business principles.

Utilizing a growth mindset along with the most current evidence-based neuroscientific research, The Mindfulness Coaching School is dynamic in its approach to teaching.

Each class highlights coaching skills and core competencies through experiential processes for students, credentialed coaches and their clients.

The Mindfulness Coaching School guides students to develop resiliency through speaking their truth, engaging their compassion, and living altruistically, all while creating a strong financial foundation for themselves.

Our commitment is to significantly contribute to each student and alumni, to impact the international coaching community, and ultimately to transform the world for the better!

Our mission is to work together, through coaching, in helping others to adapt, integrate, and flourish in a world that is reinventing itself on a daily basis.

Yes, a big agenda. And yet the ones who think they can change the world are the ones who do!