Fall 2022- Business Alchemy: Create Abundance & Live Your Vision

Dates: Wednesdays, October 5 - November 23, 2022
Time: 5pm - 6:30pm Mountain Time

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Fall 2022- Business Alchemy: Create Abundance & Live Your Vision


Taught in English by:
Kristin Moody, ACC, EdD

Created by:
Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC


Offering 12 ICF Core Competency CCEs

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Business Alchemy is the perfect class to complete your prerequisites for certification. I was able to draw from the work that I developed in my other MCS classes and bring it all together into a concrete vision of my business as well as the layout for my website. Not only did I solidify my mission and vision statements, polish my elevator pitch and build the foundation for my website, to name a few, my confidence in who I am as a Professional Coach grew profoundly.

Sue ShibleyACCDallas, Texas

I was given such an expansive view of what I’m capable of: creating a successful business for myself.

D. Paul WilcoxStudent CoachFountain Valley, CA

The course brought me from being very anxious about the business aspect of coaching to gaining the confidence necessary to take care of this very important aspect of a coaching business. I have gained the necessary skills, made contacts with people who could help me with certain aspects of setting up my business and I even caught a glimpse of the possibility that business part can be fun and a great way for learning new skills. So inner business alchemy definitely happened for me, for which I am feeling extremely grateful to my instructor and all my classmates.

Silvija ZagarStudent CoachHunsdorf, Luxembourg

This course was very helpful for me. It changed my outlook from pushing selling to offering my gifts to the people that are in need of them.

El Khansa KaicerStudent CoachLos Angeles, CA

I have taken other sales and marketing courses for coaching, but I prefer the “big picture” approach of this one, which links one’s vision to the sales and marketing process rather than simply pushing the idea of closing a coaching “sale.” Focusing on the client’s well-being and what we have to offer is much more value-driven for me.

Pat SnyderStudent CoachColumbus, Ohio

I highly recommend Business Alchemy if you want to learn practical and specific advice and tools to establish and grow your coaching business! This course helped me go from skeptical and uncertain to energized and equipped to create the thriving coaching business that I want for myself and my clients!

Matt WaldschmidtStudent CoachBruce Township, MI

This class [Business Alchemy] was so valuable to me as a novice coach looking to start my own practice. Jim Butcher pulls together all the moving parts and helped me clarify my personal vision and motivation.

Ilse ThompsonStudent CoachAuburn, ME

Business Alchemy made me aware that my business has an energy and essence, just as I do. In discovering this, I started to get really clear on how I want to present myself to the universe, what type of business I want to create and what tribe I want to support and engage with. I learned that there are kinder, more modern and zen-like ways of being an entrepreneur and marketing myself. Overall, this class helped me to align my heart, my vision and my business. I am so grateful to Sarah and Ann-Marie. They were both so supportive, knowledgeable and inspiring.

Emmaline KeelyRYTCottonwood, Arizona

I learned a great deal in the Business Alchemy course, mostly that I have the desire, motivation and ability to make coaching my life work. I am very thankful for the instructors helping me see the glorious possibilities that are within my reach.

Karen J. SidesStudent CoachKerrville, TX

This [Business Alchemy] is the course I was waiting for to help me understand what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The combination of theory, nuts & bolts business and marketing concepts and hands-on instruction for creating a web page is magical! It really is alchemy!

Robin OlsonStudent CoachBryan, TX