Participatory Consent

Mindfulness Coaching: Finding Refuge in Times of Change

Terms & Conditions

  1. Your information is confidential and will not be sold or distributed to any individual or organization outside of MCS, to the extent permitted by law (i.e., if you express that you may harm yourself or others).
  2. Your participation is voluntary. You may choose to cease participation at any time.
  3. No money will be exchanged between participating clients and coaches.
  4. Any personal information shared by the client in a session is to be kept confidential to that client’s assigned coach and coaching group, to the extent permitted by law. Neither coaches nor fellow clients may share personal information about clients outside of the coaching session without the explicit consent of said client. 
  5. All potential Altruistic Coaches must meet one or more of the below requirements to participate:
    1. ICF ACC, PCC, or MCC credentialed
    2. Successful completion of the Mindfulness Coaching School’s four core courses (S-T-R-E-T-C-H! Becoming the Incredible Coach You Truly Are; The Art of Engaged Mindfulness: Settling the Mind for Intuition to Emerge; Right Speech: Listening Deeply, Speaking Truth; Skillful Means: The Coaching Skill Set) and Mentor Coaching Group.
    3. Permission from Ann-Marie McKelvey
  6. MCS is not responsible for the individual actions of participating coaches or for any conduct complaints raised against individual participating coaches. Both coach and client participation is voluntary. All participating coaches must follow the ICF Code of Ethics and ICF Code of Conduct.
  7. MCS has the right to remove participants, whether clients or coaches, from the program if their conduct is not conducive to the intent of the program.
  8. If a client has expressed needs that are outside the scope of coaching, the coach may refer them to a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist. 
  9. Any paid professional relationship between client and coach that results from Mindfulness Coaching: Finding Refuge in Times of Change is outside and separate from the Mindfulness Coaching School.
  10. Resources, materials, and/or exercises shared by Altruistic Coaches are for personal use only and may not be copied or redistributed in any way.
  11. MCS may terminate the program at any time. MCS may modify the program ground rules and/or program scope at any time. 
  12. By registering on Zoom for the Mindfulness Coaching: Finding Refuge in Times of Change program, I understand and consent to the above terms and conditions.