Co-Active Coaching

Ann-Marie McKelveyAnn-Marie is an ICF Master Certified and Registered Mentor Coach offering group and individual coaching.

What Is Co-Active Supervision Coaching?
It’s when we co-create your coaching business AND the life you truly want. Together we will inventory
your needs in all areas of your life to determine a plan to meet those needs. Then we will actualize
the future you want. A simple, but very powerful approach when worked on together.

Depending on your needs we will:

Co-Actively supervise your coaching business
• Design a coaching business that reflects the life you want to lead.
• Create a fluid business plan that leaves room for course corrections.
• Design a marketing plan that reflects who you are.
• Determine the demographic profile of the potential client or target population.
• Develop strategies to attract the potential client.

Co-Actively supervise your coaching sessions
• Shadow you during a coaching session with a client.
• Discuss and contemplate next best steps for your coaching client.
• Develop skills and strategies for you to be the best ever coach for each individual client.

Co-Actively supervise your life
• Cultivate sustainable, meaningful change through your own inner work.
• Learn meditation techniques that are customized for your life.
• Learn what balance looks like in your life and then create it!
• Brainstorm strategies to prevent or move you through burn out and overwhelm.
• Learn how to be fearless in your next steps to becoming who you might have been.

To hire Ann-Marie as your Co-Active Supervision Coach, two pre-requisites are needed:
1.  You are certified through ICF, or you are registered in an accredited coaching school on your way to becoming certified.
2.  You are member of ICF.