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Why Cats Don’t Get Overwhelmed

Hint: They Get Their Needs Met… Somatic Coaching & Co-Active Communication By Ann-Marie McKelvey, LPCC, MCC Unlike Dahkini, my coon cat, I sometimes get into the Overwhelm Mindset. Why? I become a brain-on-a-stick. In other words, I disconnect from my body to put projects ahead of my physical, emotional and mental needs. It’s that simple. She […]

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Mindfulness as An Ally for Impermanence

One spring afternoon in 1977 we were mind experimenting in the lush and aromatic garden of the Living Love Center in Berkeley. It was the last week of a 28 day retreat called “The Road to Happiness” led by Ken Keyes, Jr. author of Handbook to Higher Consciousness. Ken had challenged us “to be in the […]

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April 2017 MCC Qi Gong photo

Qi Gung & Mindful Coaching

The Chi Center, Galisteo, New Mexico March 1-21, 2017 by Ann-Marie McKelvey The first 21 days of March I journeyed inward through my BodyMindHeart from 7am to 8:45pm each day. It was the 1966 movie Fantastic Voyage revisited, except it was my body I was traveling through, not an animated Hollywood graphic! Plus, I wasn’t relaxing in a movie […]

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Robin 2

March blew in today…

March blew in today along with the early arrival of Rocky Mountain Bluebird. She has been gone all winter. I’ve missed her. She is gutsy, loyal, resilient and a brilliant spacious sky blue coloration. For me, she is a symbol of Beginner’s Mind. I’m curious… What have you missed in your inner life this winter? […]

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LoveWisdom Alignment

Listen below as Ann-Marie shares a heart-full message of inspiration and considerations to keep close as we collectively move into the New Year. Go deeper with us this coming Monday, January 2nd for the free, monthly Mindfulness Coaching Call. Join us at 5:00pm MST, and keep your candle lit.   With a deep bow from […]

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