International Presentations

Ann-Marie (see  her in the background!) ZOOM-ing into ICF Heartland in Kansas. The photo was taken after Ann-Marie coached Mary Richardson on being bold in business endeavors, as a reminder that her coaching colleagues are at her back!

Topics for Ann-Marie to present
for ICF Chapters and other international organizations

• The Art of Engaged Mindfulness with Coaching Presence

Simplify:  A Leadership Quality with Powerful Questions and Direct Communication

• Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish with Creating Awareness and Coaching Presence

Business Alchemy with Managing Progress and Accountability

Body Electric with Coaching Awareness

Presentations are 55 minutes in length and include a 15 minute Coaching Session and a 5-10 minute Question & Answer segment.

Please call +1 (505) 906-6700 or email Mac Dryden at to schedule Ann-Marie for your chapter or organization.