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Beyond the Minimum

By Liv Syptak, MCS Admissions Coach and Faculty Member As Admissions Coach for the Mindfulness Coaching School, prospective students will often ask me, “which certification should I go for?” What a great question! More and more I’m encouraging student coaches to begin the MCS program with their sights set on attaining the PCC certification. It […]

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Welcome, Kristin!

We are thrilled to introduce Dr. Kristin Moody as a new faculty member! Kristin will be teaching Business Alchemy: Create Abundance & Live Your Vision in the summer and fall. Kristin Moody is a proud graduate of the Mindfulness Coaching School and an enthusiastic member of the International Coaching Federation. She joined the MCS family […]

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Exploring the Power of Habit

By Gretchen Larsen (Hochstatt, France), MCS Alumna I recently had the chance to read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg. I’d like to share some of the insights from the book that I found useful working on my own habits, but also working with clients on habit change. Habits are automatic loops that have […]

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brother david

Brother David and Me: Ring of Gratitude

By Ann-Marie McKelvey, MCS Founder & Director Upaya Zen Center, May, 2008 — The very first thing I noticed about Brother David Steindl-Rast was his hands. Upon entering Upaya House he bowed, reverently greeting each of us with palms together and fingers pointed upwards. This fundamental mudra is known as gassho. For me it is a […]

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A Journey to Yourself That Leads You to Everyone and Everything

By Brenda Fagan, Senior MCS Student New Orleans, LA I’ve been an occupational therapist for 16 years working primarily with older adults in clinical practice and managing rehabilitation professionals. Over the years my work became more and more centered around mindfulness practices and coaching both with the patients and families I served and the staff […]

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Ruby Orcott

Community Building Through MCS

By Ruby Orcutt (Derby, NY), Senior MCS Student One year ago I was looking for inspiration. My career was at a certain point, but my expectations were much higher. Then I bumped into Mindfulness Coaching School, and it felt like inspiration had knocked at my door. Being a student of MCS has been one of […]

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