Ann-Marie and Brother David Steindl-Rast at Upaya Zen Center in Santa Fe, NM.

In the mid-seventies Ann-Marie traveled nationally with Ken Keyes facilitating consciousness growth workshops called “The Science of Happiness” based on his book Handbook to Higher Consciousness. When not traveling, she lived as a resident trainer in Ken’s educational communities of Berkeley, California and St. Mary, Kentucky. It was at this time that Ann-Marie mindfully began her journey of contributing to the lives of others and to the planet.

Taking a sabbatical from “the real world” in the early 1980’s, Ann-Marie retreated alone to India. There she lived and studied various philosophies and religions – particularly Buddhism, a tradition she has been intimately involved with ever since.

Dinner with Buddhist Teachers – Sharon Salzberg, Sabina Schultze, Ann-Marie, and Ralph Steele

As an international coach and teacher, psychotherapist and Buddhist Chaplain, she is known for her 12-Step Wisdom, Jungian flavor, and Buddhist perspectives. While coaching, Ann-Marie utilizes Positive Psychology and Contemplative NeuroScience applications, cognitive modalities such as EMDR (for peak performance), Nonviolent Communication (for needs assessment and communication), as well as art, humor, nature, and her client’s creative transformative juices.

Ann-Marie is the Founder and Director of Mindfulness Coaching School. She coaches, students, and clinicians worldwide through webinars and individual sessions.


Creative Business Woman

Master Coach & International Trainer